Crazy Kevin Love Trade?

I personally don't think we should trade Kevin Love but he IS by far our most desirable player on the open market. Thinking about the state of the team and how excited I was before the year stared about what we had, it would really be nice to see how all these guys play together before we decide to radically change the make up of the team but...

I was messing around on the trade machine with a few under rated players from other teams and I came up with a real blockbuster.

Minnesota gets:

SF - Danillo Gallinari from Denver (9.4)

PF - Amir Johnson from Toronto (6.1)

SG - Jared Dudley from Phoenix (4.3)

Minnesota gives up:

PF - Kevin Love (13.7)

PF - Derrick Williams (4.8)

Toronto gets:

PF - Kevin Love (14.3)

Toronto gives up:

PF - Amir Johnson (6.1)

SF - Landry Fields (6.3)

1st Round Pick in 2013

1st Round Pick in 2014

Denver gets:

SF - Michael Beasley from Phoenix (5.8)

1st Round Draft Pick in 2013 #12 from Toronto

1st Round Draft Pick in 2014 from Toronto

About $4 million in salary cap money to use in 2013 toward re-signing Andre Igudala

Denver gives up:

SF - Danillo Galinari (9.4)

Phoenix gets:

SF - Landry Fields from Toronto (6.3)

SF - Derrick Williams from Minnesota (4.8)

Phoenix gives up:

SF - Michael Beasley (5.4)

Why The Wolves do it:

They replace Kevin love with a PF that has been surprisingly productive over his entire career, posting some of the most efficient numbers in the entire league in Amir Johnson and he is still only 26 years old. He's good at both defense and offense, a much more complete player than Love although not nearly as good on offense or on the glass, but still a very good rebounder.

Gallinari may be coming off of knee surgery but he should be ready at the start of the season and guy is already a star at the same age as Kevin Love. His shot is absolutely terrific and he plays decent defense. He can take over immediately at SF, giving us a young star to take over the starter's minutes, allowing us to use Kirilenko to play a 6th man type of role at both PF & SF he should be able to flourish in.

Dudley could be the steady, solid SG that we've all been hoping for. He may not exactly be a star but he can shoot the 3, plays solid defense and is on an affordable contract.

We would still have to get rid of one of our back up PG contracts to be able to sign Pek but the team would look like this:

PG - Rubio, Barrea/Ridnour, Shved

SG - Dudley, Budinger, Rookie?, Shved,

SF - Gallinari, Kirilenko, Budinger

PF - Amir Johnson, Kirilenko, Cunningham

C - Pekovic, Rookie?, Steimsma, Chris Johnson

Why the Raptors do it:

They get the best PF in the game. Love is a known quantity and will provide their team with a bonafide star to build around. They also get rid of an anchor around their neck and a huge mistake in Landry Fields and his contract. The #12 in this draft may not be such a big deal but giving up the first in 2014 might end up really costing them. Im the end they figure the opportunity to have a Gay - Love combo is just too good to pass up.

Why the Nuggets do it:

Simply for the opportunity to gamble that the Raptors will fall flat on their faces next year. The more you look at the players available in next year's draft, the more you realize it could be an absolute franchise changing opportunity for a team with a top pick. The Nuggets are still a very scary team without Gallinari, as long as they re-sign Igudala. The chance to add a Wiggins, Parker or Smart to that team would make them NBA title contenders for years. This would be a huge gamble, especially since they would be taking on a well established head case and poor performer on a bad contract in Beasley. The Nuggets would also be able to add a decent player at #12 in this year's draft as well.

Why the Suns do it:

Derrick Williams goes home to potentially continue the ascension to being what many though he could be. The Suns are really kind of playing for the opportunity to hit it big on players with bigger upside than a known quantity like Jared Dudley and for draft picks, especially for next year. Having the hometown star there seems like a natural fit right now. They get rid of Beasley's terrible contract but take on an equally bad one in Fields. They may feel that Fields holds a bit more of a realistic chance of being more productive.


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