The Last Burke Proposal

Allow me to start out this post by congratulating LeBron James, winner of two straight NBA Championships, two straight final MVPs, and two straight regular season MVPs. James has to be the most scrutinized and magnified professional athlete to date, and it was inspirational to see him win it all with the expectations being nothing short of what he had accomplished. Good luck to him as he is currently on pace to surpass MJ's number of rings, MVPs, Final MVPs, etc.



The Heat have come forth for the second straight year, but Winter is coming... (Unfortunate and disastrous metaphor with the wolves I know)



As the 2013 NBA draft rears closer, we all have our own ideas about what the Wolves should do, which mostly involves drafting Oladipo/KCP/McCollum. Some of you may know already but I am that crazy bum on the street that keeps on pushing for that guy named Trey Burke, you know the NCAA player of the year. I have reconsidered this and that, and I think I have come up with a scenario much less radical and risky than playing Burke and Rubio together at 1/2 spot.

So what about this...

1) Wolves trade Derrick Williams, 9th overall pick in 2013, 1st round pick in 2014, Chris Johnson/2nd round pick in 2014


Cavalier's 1st overall pick in 2013 and Omri Cassipi

Wolves then would draft Trey Burke with the number 1 overall pick. I think the Wolves would need to get ahead of Orlando because I think they will draft Burke if he is still there. They don't need Derrick Williams anyways with Nicholson, Tobias Harris there, while Cavs are starting Alonzo Gee at the 3 spot and is a better fit for Dwill than most teams imo.

2) Wolves draft Jeff Withey to back up Pek to replace Steamer as the team's basket/paint enforcer.

3) Now that Dwill is gone, Wolves have more money to spend, and they should continue to free up more space by trading away Ridnour and Barea for players with small contracts to waive right away. I think it would be easy to do this with Barea especially to a team like Indiana, which would be a perfect fit, but would need to look harder for someone to take Ridnour away.

4) Don't bring back steamer and free up some more cash.

5) If I'm not mistaken, Wolves would have around 8.3 million to spend if AK decides to stay in Minny. Losing Barea, Luke, and Dwill saves around $14 million, steamer saves $2.7 million, and assuming Pek gets signed for around $9-10 million this year, Wolves will have around $14 million and after resigning Bud and rookie contracts, I assume takes the wolves to around $11 million left to stay below the salary cap. Wolves also keep Cunningham with the team option.

5) With the extra money, Wolves can now approach OJ Mayo to fill in as the starting SG and put Trey Burke onto the bench.

The starters are now: Rubio/Mayo/AK47/Love/Pekovic

2nd string: Burke/Shved/Budinger/Cunningham/Withey

and the others: Gelabale, Chris Johnson (?), Malcolm Lee

This is very unlikely to happen, but I hope the Wolves are able to pull of something like this, especially getting rid of Ridnour and Barea if it means getting Mayo and Burke. I think Burke would fit right in with that 2nd string, and isn't forcing Rubio to guard shooting guards which what a lot of fans found distasteful. What say you now?

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