A Little Help Here On My New Fandom

The draft, as we all know could not have possibly gone any worse. Truly a disaster with no hope of rationalizing to any Timberwolf fan with half a brain. Drafting THE ONE player that virtually everybody on this site wanted to avoid at all costs, drafting a player with the immediate upside of Greg Steimsma and to rub salt in the wound, the Wolves draft the only salvageable pick at #26 in Roberson and the team trades him for a few bucks in Glen Taylor's pocket. WOW!!! is all I have to say. Much worse than I thought it could have possibly gone!

My son and I just walked out of the Target Center after the announcement of the Shabazz pick. As a matter of fact he said to me about a minute or 2 after we selected Trey Burke that if we use that pick to trade for Shabazz he was going to leave. I laughed and said yeah right! Like that's gonna happen! After hearing that we had traded with Utah for the 14th and 21st pick I still thought it was a ridiculous idea, but just before we made our pick at 14 I got a sick feeling ion my stomach that it was actually possible. I turned to my son and said if we pick Shabazz I'm leaving as well, not all too worried since I was pretty confident the pick was going to be Karasev. As the pick was announced we both booed as loud as we could and left as many others there did.

I know what has been done here today has little bearing on how the team will perform next year but it will eventually catch up to us just as the miserable drafts of the past are effecting the team right now. Not having productive and inexpensive players on rookie contracts playing a prime role on this team other than Ricky Rubio is really making it difficult to stay under the salary cap. We should maybe have a blip of a winning season next year with the team Kahn has assembled but after Love leaves in frustration it will be a fire sale and complete rebuild again.

Saunders has done only 2 things so far in his short tenure as GM and they are huge fails with no possible way of describing them as otherwise.

1.) The first thing he did was release Brandon Roy from his contract weeks earlier than he needed to, completely ignoring the fact that as an expiring his contract could be very valuable in a trade, It's almost like he didn't have any idea that trades worked like that. Inexcusable! there was absolutely no possible benefit to releasing him early other than he was worried that he may just forget about that deadline down the road and they would be stuck.

2.) This draft

Like a few of you on this site I am done with Saunders and especially Glenn Taylor. As long as these 2 are involved in any decisions I see no hope for my team. Because I love watching Ricky Rubio play I simply cannot turn my back on the Wolves, so switching teams is out of the question. I honestly think the best possible thing I would like to see happen as soon as possible would be for Glenn Taylor to sell the team to a competent owner. I could not care less if that owner was based out of Seattle or any other owner that wanted to move the team out of Minnesota. Screw it!

In this day and age I could follow the team even better if they did play in Seattle. I could get the NBA package and not have to worry a bit about black outs or anything! It would be perfect. I would kill 2 birds with one stone. Have competent ownership AND be able to actually watch almost every game on TV.

The least I will do is pick a second favorite team and start following them as well. That's really not like me. I usually have only one team I follow and have no interest in watching any other team EVER. Anybody have any suggestions on a team that's run well from top to bottom and has had a particularly good draft? I'm looking for a team that kind of sucks right now but has high hopes for the future because of exceptional personnel decisions as of late. Serious!

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