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Hi all. This is a shameless non basketball related post intended to tap into the wisdom and knowledge that I know exists amongst this site's members. I am not even going to talk about supreme court verdicts, international holidays, gourmet cooking, or music. Ok, maybe a little music:

If that doesn't put you in the mood for a good workout this simply isn't the thread for you.

Now, time to try and make a cognizant point. Wish me luck. I am seeking some ideas on how to best spend what little time I devote each week to working out. My primary goal is to maximize the benefit without getting into a fitness regimen that is more that I have time for, or interest in, pursuing. As you might guess, I am not a fanatic in this regard but I have become reasonably dedicated. Over the past two years I have lost just about 80lbs. Believe me, it needed to be done. The primary mechanism for this has been counting calories using an app and website (Calorie Count). I have heard that Myfitnesspal is even better but see no reason to make a change at this point. I have gone about this slowly and in a way that I believe to be sustainable. Here is a graph that demonstrates this:



Counting calories has taught me quite a bit about how to manage what I eat so that I can be both satisfied and healthier. I have learned more about what kinds of foods help keep me satiated longer and what foods are not worth it (donuts are rarely worth it, nachos usually are). I have also learned that I can continue to eat large satisfying meals and drink dark beer as long as I am thoughtful about when I do this and how often. There really are no foods I like that I do not regularly eat. Calorie counting is the way to go!

The second part of this is exercise which is where you come in. I have a routine and feel that it works but I have never really spoken to anyone who actually knows anything about these things.. I ride my bike when I can (in the summer) and play pick up basketball once per week. These things, along with walking the dog, are not going to change. It's the time I spend at SnapFittness that I wonder if I am using to full benefit.

First I will state my goals: 80% overall heath as defined by having more energy and living longer, 10% being better at basketball, and 10% looking better. So far I think I have been achieving these goals (although the last one is very subjective and is still relative to personal limitations). I get to the "gym" two or three times per week (usually twice) and only stay for about 30-40 minutes. I realize that this is not very much but I am purposely trying to build and maintain a routine that is sustainable over time within the context of my life. For the first year and a half I spent all of my gym time on the elliptical. Over the past six months or so I have added some light weight lifting to this routine. Typically I spend about 10 minutes quickly moving between some dumbbell exercises, crunches, and a squat machine and then head immediately to the elliptical for 15-25 minutes.

This routine works for me, I have been pleased with the results and it feels sustainable. The convergence of these three facts may render this whole post moot. Still, as I was ellipticaling this afternoon it occurred to me that I might not be using this admittedly small chunk time in the best possible way. If there were a small tweak I could make that would help me better achieve the aforementioned goals I guess I would be interested in knowing about it.

This is where you come in Canis Hoopus. This subject does come up from time to time and I know that many of you take this kind of thing very seriously. Any and all advice is appreciated. I admit that I am not likely to follow advice that is too complicated or too difficult but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. Any further knowledge I can gain in this regard can only be helpful. I have also been thinking about turing towards something that might better balance mind and body such as yoga or Tai Chi but so far I haven't taken any steps in this direction.

So what do you think? Am I already on the right path? Is there something else I should be doing? Should I just say flynn it and head to the Pizza Ranch? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Here is some Bob Ross to help you think about it.

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