From 1 to 35,535 -- Flash: Crack Sold Here!

It's the slow time of the year for Hoopus, that desolate stretch from free agency's end (assuming we sign Pek) to the start of training camp three months or so hence. How slow is it? So slow that EricinMadison posted a question over at

I've been mostly without internet access other than my Droid this summer and will remain so for the next month. Thus, my minimal commenting and posting. I'll try to keep this series going, at least sporadically, until I can post more regularly. I can smell your bated breath. What does bated mean, by the way? If only there was some way I could look it up...

In the meantime, I'm glad to see EiM's new series profiling each current Wolf. The first one is excellent, especially since he resists making a "Christ" joke about CJ - which would offend me not for religious reasons but for comedic ones. As you all know, we here at CH hate to beat any jokes or memes into the ground.

Okay, so I am wasting my precious time at the Forest Lake Starbucks on meandering chatter, why don't I get down to bidness?

Pop quiz, hotshots:

Charles Edward Shackleford is:

A - The full legal name of Britain's baby King-to-be.

B - The New Zealander who discovered kiwifruit while climbing Mount Everest.

C - A F/C out of NC who played for the Minnesota Timberwolves

D - The name of a cynical detective played by James Garner on 1980's TV.

If you didn't guess C, go straight to the Canis bench, do not collect 200 Hoopus points, and phone a friend.

Charles Shackleford played 239 minutes for MIN during the 1994-95 season. At age 28, he got 8 assists, 8 blocks, and 8 turnovers, making him the only member of the exclusive career 8/8/8 club*. His WS/48 that year of .160 was the only time in his sporadic, six-season NBA career that he surpassed the .100 mark.

*An estimate based on a total of 0.00 minutes of research


Does anyone with a better memory or more knowledge than me ( to be sure, a very low bar) have anything to share about Sir Charles AKA Shaq AKA In Truth He Probably Had No Nickname?

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