SHABAZZ MUHAMMAD Is a Multi-Talented Package

An Abbreviated Waltonian Semantic Analysis

I had began commenting at Canis Hoopus because I wanted to make sure that more of us had the easy opportunity to check out some SEC coach testimonies about Georgia's and the SEC's Alpha Dawg; all in hope of targeting the best Ricky complement draftee whose clutch shooting wasn’t only sick, it was advanced stat lovable. Fate would have him picked up by an earlier draft suitor (Dumars) and we were dealt our adrenaline spiked dilemma.

Not to be undone, Flip would be true to his pre-draft self and seized the opportunity to hedge his penchant for Shabazz by getting him more bargain valued at 14; and as part of the eventual two-fer-one pick (with Dieng, the big of a defensively asphyxiating collegiate champion.)

Many here at Canishoopus were long cold about a player stigmatized as being a not-so-athletic, snubby team-carcinogen or even coach killer. [1]

Although Ben Howland was sacked, it definitely wasn’t because of his lack of admiration for Shabazz, whom he had called at season’s end a conquering hero[2] and deserving Pac12 player of the year.[3]

Paradoxically it was Howland’s rotation of Shabazz that led to (his particular Bruin legend and ESPN broadcaster) Bill Walton’s disparaging comments about the inexplicable restings of Shabazz (even during his hot shooting streaks) in addition to his boggling timeout selection which Walton would complain about season long.[4]

Walton is not only one of the more prolific admirers of Shabazz he moreover distinguished him as being a shooting assertive team player, [5] something he exemplified regularly.

The following are just a few of Walton's ESPN comments about Muhammad.

During the last minutes of UCLA Missouri overtime, with UCLA in possession and all of Shabazz's team-mates getting touches and looks, Bill frets:

Lots of hesitation, lots of pump fakes, somebody’s got to be assertive…

Two seconds later co-broadcaster yells:

Muhammad Three!!

During road win at Arizona and matched up with Pacers to be 1st round pick Solomon Hill:

This guy has got it all.

I’ve never seem him play any better…Jumpers, penetration, in people's face who are bigger, stronger and more physically gifted than he is ...on the road.

The lights are all shining on Shabazz tonight and he has been absolutely magnificent. I‘ve never seen him play better in every aspect of the game: the poise, the confidence, the competitive greatness…the way he is just moving so effortlessly - (and) when necessary, just getting the ball, turn his back, bump him off…a little Dick Barnett[8]…this guy can really play.

At home against Oregon St:

Muhammad works so tiredlessly off the ball.

Everything on display - the turn around jumper off his own creativity; moving without the ball, that quick release - never even putting it down; into the paint; one dribble and up; nothing the defense can do about it; over the top - the throwdown.

Shabazz has a good work ethic and competitive spirit, according to Bill, he's also fun to watch.

[1] Gottlieb CBS went viral: [2] [3] [4] This Arizon game has Walton doubting Howland from beginning to end : [5]
There’s nothing wrong with being selfish in the team concept. [6] [7] [8] Unsung NBA Champion and 5 time finalist, before that Tennessee State legend.

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