Tao Te Wolves, Ch. 21: How To Have What You Don't Have

In honor of the anniversary of our most (mostly) beloved Timberwolf, Kevin Garnett, it is time for another episode of Tao Te Wolves. I'll try to do so by bringing forth Chapter 21 of the Tao Te Ching, in honor of the jersey number we grew to know and love. Appropriately, it is titled (by D.T. Suzuki) as "Emptying the Heart". Perhaps we will find our way back to Chapter 2 as well ("Self-Culture"), in honor of KG's recent classy and very-human recognition of Malik Sealy -- regardless, let's say Chapter 2 is implied as well. Go ahead and look it up if you are so inclined.

Now is a good point for a caveat: There are myriad translations of the Tao Te Ching. It is impossible not to be subjective in translation, because translating the literal characters comes out like "tao-not-tao-is-tao"...and so on. Read 100 translations, and you'll find 100 different worldviews, none of which precisely mirror the original. To me, though, no matter who is translating it, there is something of value to find -- I believe you can learn equally well from things you like, and things you do not like. Thus, I do not know that the translation I post is the best one -- Feel free to learn from this (slightly impulsive) bit of posting as you choose, as well.

Not everyone is interested in comparing translations of the TTC. If you do want to, you can start here, but there are MANY MANY others out there as well that probably excel all these in skill.


One of the hallmarks of Timberwolves' fandom, as I have seen it, is wanting what you do not have. Other teams made better moves. Other players made bigger strides. Other mascots did more flips before they dunked it. (Seriously, though -- as much as I dislike the silliness surrounding an arena experience at an NBA game, those Mascots can do some incredible acrobatics with a 50-pound suit on)

Wanting what you do not have, at the expense of what you do have, is a hallmark of human suffering down through the proverbial ages. It is also essentially the hallmark of what has driven us to progress from technology to technology, for better and for worse. I don't have anything definitive to say here about KG, the Wolves, human progress, nor CHoopus. But, in the interest of giving people new and possibly exciting things to like and dislike, I'm here to show you one translation of Chapter 21 of the Tao Te Ching.

Is it like being a Timberwolves fan? You tell me.



The greatest virtue you can have
comes from following only the Tao -
a form that is intangible and evasive.

Even though the Tao is intangible and evasive,
we are able to know it exists.

Intangible and evasive, yet it has a manifestation.

Secluded and dark, yet there is a vitality within it.

Its vitality is very genuine.
Within it we can find order.

Since the beginning of time, the Tao has always existed.
It is beyond existing and not existing.

How do I know where existence comes from?
I look inside myself and see it.

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