Summarizing the Canis Hoopus positional polls

After a series of polls, we now have a broad and general sense of what CHers are expecting the team to look like heading into this season. I'll summarize (with some assumptions) the results below.

It must be noted that the list below WILL BE WRONG. Certainly, there will be injuries and unforeseen growth or regression in the play of the various athletes that comprise this team. The real value in this exercise for me is that it allows every one of us to see where our opinions sit in comparison to the general consensus of Twolf fandom. I would bet that very few of us would ascribe to the list below as EXACTLY what we think will happen this year. What will be interesting is to compare the year-end rotation and minutes numbers with these pre-season prophecies and see how they compare. I'll probably post something at year-end with a compare/contrast to the list below and then we can all see if our personal opinion was more accurate than the group opinion. I know my opinion varies from the consensus view slightly and it will be fun to see if I was right or wrong on these differing points. We can all do that with our personal opinions on particular players.

So, without further ado, here is what the polls came out with along with some personal assumptions where polls didn't supply info:

Starters: Pekovic, Love, Brewer, Martin, Rubio

2nd String: Turiaf, DWill, Budinger, Shved, Barea


With the second unit, the following can probably be assumed:

6th man: Chase (playing significant minutes at SF and some at SG)

7th man: DWill (largely because the poll expects Love to take some minutes at C)

8th man: JJ Barea

9th man: Shved (because he'll lose some back-up SG minutes to the CB's?)

10th man: Turiaf (won't get huge minutes with Love playing some C & 4 deep at C)


Possible 3rd-string usage?:

11th man: Dante (best player not to be voted into the 2nd string)

12th man: Dieng (weakness at the position, & being a close 2nd to Turiaf in poll)

13th man: Shabazz (top draft-pick this year & 5th wing, so he gets some minutes)

14th man: Chris Johnson (5th in the poll for Center minutes)

15th man: TBD


I know where I differ most markedly from the consensus opinion above - we'll see how it plays out. Where do you differ from the polls? Thanks so much to all who participated in this exercise. This was a fun little distraction in these dull days of waiting. We should have an enjoyable year ahead of us . . .

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