The Mississippifarian moves East: or this heat is nasty, let's think cold thoughts!

Slowbreak has already done a Summer musical post, and a very good one at that, and the last thing I want to think about right now is heat. Let's switch the Flip here at the Hoopus haven and get this place as chilled as a Maynholup smoke-a-thon! Everybody gets their chill on in different ways, and outside of a cold beer, nothing works better for me than some frosty blues licks. Old timey blues is a great way to start off this post; this is a cut from 1935 called It's Cold In China Blues:

George Gervin may have earned the nickname "Iceman"( here are his NBA career stats) for his unparalleled shooting ability at the 2 guard position, but there is also an Iceman of considerable fame who was a bluesman. Albert Collins earned his moniker because of the icy smooth licks he could produce on a Fender Telecaster. Witness the sweet sounds on this cut:

One Albert Collins link is hardly enough to shake this dogged heat and humidity; it is understandable why bluesmen moved from the Delta to Chicago (aside from the job opportunities, of course)! Let's set the thermostat down a notch with a double whammy from Albert and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. The amp settings are a bit of a mess on this one and things grind to a near halt while addressing the problem, but live video of these guys makes up for all of it...

Things are getting much cooler in Hoopusland, maybe some more good blues guitar licks will work to get things even cooler. A Mississippi blues guitarist who had a major influence on many rock and roll musicians, including the Rolling Stones, was Jimmy Reed. His career was stunted by serious alcoholism that left him unable to remember lyrics at performances and he died at age 51 of mis-diagnosed epilepsy due to the doctor's belief that it was delirium tremens. Here is one very cool song by Mr. Reed:

Of course it's not just blues musicians who can perform songs that cool our bones, R & B artists also do some temperature reducing music; witness Dr. John's "Cold, Cold, Cold"

Ike Turner had earned a reputation as a cold-hearted man by the time this song was recorded; agents and Tina and the Ikettes can attest to his cold fury. He was a truly gifted musician however, and this song will go a ways to prove that:

Some artists are so amazingly gifted that they can make us make us feel chilled at the same time they get us in a sweaty lather. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? I'm talking about the "Godfather" of Soul; Mister JAAMMMEEESSS BROOWWWNNN!!!!!!! And can I get a little MACEO?

It's time to bring it all back to the title of this post; TMiss is moving off to the land of cheese and austere governors soon. As far as I know it's not to engage Poor Dick in political arm-wrestling matches; but if I understand correctly, jobs are hard to come by in Wisconsin these days so you never know...

I'm proposing a CH meetup to send the monocled one on his way to an area that I've been led to believe doesn't have intertubes. That's right, CH may be much quieter soon! Let's raise at least a little ruckus this coming Thursday, September 5th and send TMiss on his way. We could meet at the Hole on University Ave or another location that would better suit folks. Get your reservations out of the way and join the TMiss sendoff; vote now and vote often!

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