From 1 to 35,535: To Daddy OR barely an anagram

The only other possible anagram of our next player's name is:

Toddy ad.

In case you still can't name the Timberwolf who played 345 minutes at shooting guard for MIN in 2000-2001 before being waived, thus ending his NBA career at 31, here are the names of his two famous teammates at the U of Arkansas:

Tom Morrow

Jess Terday

Surely you remember the trio of Jess Terday, Todd Day and Tom Morrow?

Thank you for letting me getting that horrible, Mr. Peabody-esque pun out of my system. Yes, those two players are fictitious, but everything else I said about Day is true. He is Arkansas' all-time leading scorer, was drafted at #8 by the Bucks in 1992, and on 11/26/95 tied the Celtics' franchise record (also held by Bird and Pierce) with 24 points in one quarter. The opponent? The Timberwolves, of course.

He is also one of only two (as far as I can tell) Wolves who also played for the Harlem Globetrotters, Oliver Miller being the other. On the other hand, I can think of many Timberwolves who would fit right in with the Washington Generals.

TANGENT: Looking at the Globetrotters' all time roster and seeing Osborne Lockhart made me thing of another Gopher, one whom I recall doing a fancy dribbling display for fans before every game. His name: Flip Saunders. However, when I search online, I find no reference to such a thing. This was prior to my years at the U of M, but does anyone else remember something like this? Was it Flip? Someone else? A figment of my imagination? Thanks in advance.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The mystery was quickly solved by Ain't Misbehaving in the comments below. I was thinking of George Schauer. Sadly, there doesn't appear to be any video online of him with the Gophers' early 70's pregame extravaganza. But there is this - he's never stopped doing this tricks:


Hey, remember these guys?

Anyone have any Todd Day memories to share?


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