#TRADEGATE2013: A tale of two Voodoo's

I just feel like the Canis community would appreciate this like no one else will


It was a normal Wednesday morning. I don't have to work till 2pm so I was doing my morning workout, enjoying a calm peaceful morning. The night before me and my friends (who I will only refer to them by their FF team names) JERK STORE and REDSKINS (classy guys) where talking about trades we could make and we through out the idea of a 3 teamer. So that night I proposed this deal

JERK STORE Trades: Victor Cruz

JERK STORE Receives: Stevan Ridley and Dewayne Bowe

REDSKINS Trades: Trent Richardson (he also has Gio Bernard/Lamar Miller and Lesean McCoy)

REDSKINS Receives: Victor Cruz and Shane Vereen

WE R SEXBABOMB Trades: Ridley, Bowe, Vereen (I am obviously Sexbabomb)

WE R SEXBABOMB Receives: Trent Richardson

My thinking is: I have a lot of good options which makes it tough to game plan, so I might as well get the best single player I can get for a package revolving around Ridley and roll with it from there.

I'd say that's a pretty decent three teamer. Little did I know that JERK STORE was trying to manipulate the weak link in our league and get CJ Spiller from her (She'll be known as ALL DAY....among many things she also has the worst name in our league as well) for James Jones and Mike Wallace (an abomination of a trade) and was wavering on giving up Victor Cruz in our deal cause he wanted the other deal to go through. ALL DAY for some reason accepts the trade and we all have to vote to veto the trade.

The trade is successfully vetoed by 8pm yesterday night. But by then Trent Richardson had been traded in real life from the Browns to the Colts which in the minds of the people in my fantasy league (me included) figured this would significantly increase his production making REDSKINS not want to deal him.

So REDSKINS and JERK STORE complete a sneaky Mike Wallace for Lamar Miller trade (which is still in my opinion an awful deal) and I am left with nothing

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