2013-14 rookie watch sign up!

This post/idea is the equivalent of me sticking my fingers in my ears and going "lalalalalalalllallalaa" while watching a tense scene in a scary movie (which I totally don't do anymore, you guys). We are all a little down on the wolfies right now, so let's focus elsewhere!

I was thinking about the glut of research everyone does around draft time on their personal favorite pick, and how all that interest evaporates immediately after we pick the other guy. So how about we carry whatever momentum is left and sign up to cover your personal favorite would-be (or shoulda-been) wolf. Sure we could just look at any other site that provides rookie coverage but, like recurring knee injuries, other websites are scary and/or depressing.

So, how it works:

1. Pick a rookie, and post who it is in the comments. It would work best if you can actually watch them play at least a couple times, but at least be willing to dig a little under the surface! This community rarely has a problem with that, though.

2. Post your findings. Maybe you're all in on this idea and you wanna post every month, maybe you just wanna post one at the all star break. I'm sure we'll all appreciate the coverage. Hopefully not too much though. We have a playoff team to watch.

So, as czar of canis hoopus rookie watch, I'll take Otto Porter Jr. Who you got?


Here's a list of who has who, and what first round players remain.

Anthony Bennet-

Victor Oladipo-

Otto Porter- bittenbysnakes

Cody Zeller-

Alex Len-

Nerlens Noel-

Ben McLemore-

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- VoodooMagic

Trey Burke-

C.J. McCollum- keylimekai

Michael Carter-Williams-

Steven Adams-

Kelly Olynyk-

BAZZ- (hopefully no one)

Giannis Antekurpaijdfoipo-

Lucas Nogueira- VoodooMagic

Dennis Schroeder- mr. eggplant

Shane Larkin-

Sergey Karasev-

Tony Snell-

Gorgui Dieng-

Mason Plumlee-

Solomon Hill-

Tim Hardaway Jr.-

... and the rest of the claimed players

Glen Rice Jr.- RollingWave

Peyton Siva- SlowBreak

Ricky Ledo- Zebano(?)

Nate Wolters- Zebano(?)

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