2013-14 NFL Predictions

CONTENT!!!! It seems there are enough NFL fans on here to make this a worth while place to discuss the football season.

If you really must talk about how dangerous football is that is totally fair, I am probably living example of football's impact on the brain.

But here are my division by division NFL predicitons for the year

AFC East

1) Patriots 11-5

2) Bills 8-8

3) Dolphins 7-9

4) Jets 2-14

Voodoo's take: Not a great division. I do like the Pats even without all their weapons, defense is sound, Brady is Brady...they should scoop up 6 easy wins vs the division and coast at 5-5 vs the rest of the league. I do like the Bills to be a sneaky good team is EJ Manuel is decent...I might be shooting the moon on them though. Dolphins are okay but seem a year away. Jets could possibly go winless

AFC North

1) Cincinnati 11-5

2) Baltimore 10-6

3) Cleveland 8-8

4) Pittsburgh 6-10

Voodoo's take: I think the Steelers take a pretty obvious step back. Big Ben has missed at least 3 games in each of the past 3 seasons....if he doesn't play they have 0 chance of wininng. I like Cleveland, I think they are kind of the Vikings of the AFC, really solid everywhere but QB. If they get anything out of Whedon they could have a fun season. Bengels are my sleeper Super Bowl team. They've been drafting well for about 3 years and seem primed to pounce....Baltimore was an average team last year that got hot and they lost a bunch of players...they could be worse than 10-6 but I'll give them a little Superbowl cred and say 10-6

AFC South

1) Houston 13-3

2) Tennessee 8-8

3) Indianapolis 6-10

4) Jacksonville 3-13

Voodoo's take: another really weak division. I think Houston runs away with it. Indianapolis has the tell tale signs of a regression team. I don't hate TN if they can get anything out of Locker.

AFC West

1) Denver 13-3

2) KC 11-5

3) San Diego 4-12

4) Oakland 2-14

Voodoo's take: KC is the only real surprise here. What did they have? 7 pro bowlers? add a very good QB and coach I think they make a pretty big leap. I am really betting over on them because I just lack any respect for Oak/SD teams.

AFC Championship: Cincinnati over Denver

Voodoo's take: I think Cincy is a sleeping killer this year. Stacked to the brim with talent everywhere, if they catch steam in the playoffs they could be impossible to stop

NFC North:

1) Green Bay 10-6

2) Minnesota 9-7

3) Detroit 8-8

4) Chicago 7-9

Voodoo's take: one of the tougher divisions to call. I could make a legitimate case for all 4 teams to win it, while at the same time between Minnesota, Chicago and Detroit I think all three teams have a legitimate case to have a seriously awful season. the Vikes seem to me like a pretty well-rounded team outside of the QB, Stafford and Johnson is Culpepper/Moss 2.0 and they were always good for an 8-8 season...Chicago is probably the odd man out...but the new coaching staff is always a gambit. When it's tough to call I think I'm just gonna take the team with the best QB.

NFC East:

1) Philadelphia 10-6

2) New York 10-6

3) Dallas 7-9

4) Washington 5-11

Voodoo's take : not to get overly Flip Saunders on this but I think the Philly/Chip Kelly thing is gonna be a Flip Coin Flip, either it's gonna work or it's not gonna work. I think if it works it will be pretty hard to stop, and if it's going to work VICK/SHADY is probably the right combo to pull it off? Washington might be the odd pick here, but they have a star coming off a big injury and had like half a draft class, that's never a great sign...I think they take a small step back in RG3 year 2 to come back strong with a full draft class in 2014

NFC South

1) Atlanta 14-2

2) New Orleans 13-3

3) Tampa Bay 8-8

4) Carolina 7-9

Voodoo's take: I like New Orleans this year. no defense no problem. I think they have a very strong season getting their coach back. Honestly I like every team in this division quite a bit. I think it's top to bottom the strongest division. I have ATL making it too the Superbowl.

NFC West

1) Seattle 12-4

2) San Francisco 11-5

3) Arizona 7-9

4) St. Louis 6-10

Voodoo's take: the main reason I have Seattle over 49ers is because I think until Crabtree gets back Seattle is the more well-rounded team. Golden Tate gives them the deep threat the 49ers do not have without Crabtree.

NFC Championship: Atl over Seattle

Superbowl: ATL over Cincy

What say you?

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