Tracking Timberwolves Demand-Based Ticket Pricing -- January Update

Two months ago, I posted an analysis of the Wolves Demand-Based Ticket Pricing. I have once again updated the Google Spreadsheet for January, and I will highlight some of the changes below.

Back in November, ticket prices to 14 out of the 36 remaining games (39%) had seen adjustments at 3-8 price levels. In December, tickets to every game saw price increases at 4 to 8 price levels (out of 11). Now in January, tickets prices increased modestly for every available home game. (Note: Tickets are not yet available for the April 8 makeup game vs. San Antonio.)

Here's a rundown of the changes, sorted by average ticket price:

Game Opp January Average Average Increase Change Since Dec. Changed Price Levels
Fri, March 28 Lakers $136.82 $1.82 1.35% 6
Tue, February 4 Lakers $133.09 $0.64 0.48% 4
Wed, April 9 Bulls $118.36 $1.00 0.85% 7
Mon, March 31 Clippers $116.09 $1.09 0.95% 6
Fri, April 11 Rockets $115.73 $1.00 0.87% 7
Sat, January 18 Jazz $96.73 $1.82 1.92% 6
Fri, January 31 Grizzlies $96.18 $1.73 1.83% 5
Sat, February 8 Trail Blazers $96.09 $1.55 1.63% 6
Mon, February 10 Rockets $95.09 $0.64 0.67% 5
Wed, March 5 Knicks $94.64 $0.64 0.68% 4
Wed, February 19 Pacers $81.91 $1.27 1.58% 6
Fri, March 7 Pistons $81.55 $0.64 0.79% 5
Wed, April 2 Grizzlies $81.27 $0.45 0.56% 5
Wed, March 26 Hawks $81.09 $0.45 0.56% 5
Wed, February 12 Nuggets $80.91 $0.27 0.34% 2
Sun, March 23 Suns $68.55 $0.73 1.07% 5
Tue, March 11 Bucks $68.27 $0.73 1.08% 5
Sun, March 9 Raptors $68.09 $0.73 1.08% 5
Sun, March 16 Kings $68.09 $0.64 0.94% 5
Wed, January 15 Kings $68.00 $0.64 0.94% 5
Wed, January 29 Pelicans $67.91 $0.45 0.67% 4
Wed, April 16 Jazz $67.73 $0.55 0.81% 5
Tue, April 8 Spurs

My observations:

  • Most games saw slight increases in the price for lower level tickets, though only six games saw changes in the most expensive seats.
  • There was very little change in ticket prices for upper level seats. Only four games saw movement in these prices. There were small bumps to prices of one of the four upper deck price levels for games vs. the Lakers, Blazers, and both Jazz games.
  • I suspect that folks who paid big bucks for the Lakers and Bulls games at the beginning of the year aren't going to be too pleased with the value they'll receive, but without a healthy Kobe Bryant or Derrick Rose, at least the Wolves will have a better chance to win these crucial games down the stretch.
  • As far as value goes against quality opponents, the February 8 game vs. the Blazers and February 10 game vs. the Rockets are priced cheaper than games against the Bulls, Lakers, Clippers, and Rockets (no surprise) and even games vs. the Jazz and Grizzlies (surprise).
  • However, the best deal, in my opinion, is the January 29 game vs. the Pelicans. Anthony Davis is a future NBA all-star, but with Jrue Holiday out, the Wolves will be heavy favorites.

Again, check out the Google Spreadsheet if you would like to dig deeper.

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