I've Half A Mind... A Musical Post

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times...

Technically we are not quite at the halfway point of the season for KLove and the crew of the USS Minnow, anymore than we are quite at the halfway point of this polar vortex of a Winter. We are, however, at the start of a new year and that should have an impact on how we view our beloved Timberpups. New resolves, new outlooks, and maybe new rosters in crunch time; it should all be part of our new plans. Shouldn't it? But first I need to confess that last years "team that could not stay close" has seemed a little half-arsed to start this year as well. There have been games where Sonny Boy's tune seemed too close to reality for comfort:

Certainly this season has been a large improvement on the funeral dirge that knuckle sandwiches engendered for us, but we expected and wanted so much more. 50/50 has left many of us feeling like this Willie Nelson song:

There is another half of a season yet to unfold and even though I, and perhaps others, have serious trepidations, there isn't any chance that this team and this coach are conceding anything yet and so neither should we. Garnett Mimms did the original version of this very appropriate song, but You Tube wasn't anymore cooperative than Greg Popovich at an interview, so Them's version will have to do:

Along this same vein, I have to include a song by an artist that, along with Brenda Lee, gave me palpitations in my pre-teen years. And yes, I'm fully aware how old that makes me seem to be. Just remember that age does not equal maturity and you will see that I'm very young after all...

Fully half of the songs I had hoped to post weren't available on You Tube, but that is what happens when artists such as Tarkio and Amik are on your list, I suppose. Let's work another blues song in right now, just because I can! Otis Spann was overshadowed as were many Chicago bluesmen by Muddy Waters because, well...Muddy. None the less, He was a fine piano player who deserved much more acclaim than he received, and you know, half ain't been told:

How many years since the Wolves have been involved in the post-season? Gad, way too many! Right? What is causing the anxiety for myself and others is the taste of .500 basketball after so many years of suffering. I can see it unfold in the posts right now; people are often shorter and more prone to take things in a bad light. We have to focus on Ronny and Bud and Prince Luc and feel the turning point where refs actually start to SEE fouls as they occur and Ricky and Corey COMPLETE drives to the basket! It can happen again. Augustus Pablo's tune might have been coined with triggering our memories of what it was like when that other Kevin led us to the promised land:

You know my schtick by now; I start out despondent and try to get to hopeful by the choice of music I post. It might be a tired old meme, but it works for me and hopefully for you as well. This is a bit of an oldie, but it works well enough that I hope you'll forgive my posting it. It is after all titled after what our midway point of the season should be; halfway to paradise.

It's time for me to wrap this one up and for you to contribute your 1/2way material. I had thought of posting some turning point stuff or midway songs, but haven't the space or energy to do it tonight. Let me leave you with this tune by a band that you folks introduced me to, Arcade Fire.

The season is still young(at least for a while...), let's go Wolves! Break the 1/2 hearted bubble and win out!

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