I've Covered My End


I'm finding it harder and harder to justify watching the local NBA squad. They just keep tearing my heart out and kicking it out of bounds like Jonny Flynn running a fast break. Life's too short for that sort of punishment, right? I need a break. So, instead of watching Flip's Follies, I'm gonna use my time a little more constructively. There are paintings to be done. Books to be read. TV shows to be binge watched. Gas to be huffed. (You know, important stuff.)

Before I take my leave, however, I wanna do a cover song post, because if there are two things that I've learned in my time at Canis Hoopus, it's that Red Panda doesn't like dick jokes, and that the good folks at CH loves them a cover song. So let's start a little collection of covers, shall we?

Got a hundred reasons why I like a good cover. One example being when an artist takes an iconic song and, by doing it in their own style, just owns it. Like this. (music starts around 0:22)

Or this.

Another is when cool bands take cheesy songs and make them awesome. (FWIW, I always liked the ELO version, too.)

Then there's the goofy punk rock cover, which I'm told is popular with the kids (30-somethings.) The Vandals do Queen has always been a favorite of mine in that genre.

And of course, there's the Dylan cover. Seems like everyone has covered Bob at one time or another--Sometimes to fine effect, and sometimes not. It's impossible to pick a favorite, though this live Television would rank very high. (The Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd guitar interplay is so damn good.)

Put The 13th Floor Elevators on that list, too.

Lastly, I enjoy when people dip into the American Standard Songbook. I'll leave you with two wonderful (and wildly different) versions of "I Cover the Waterfront".

First up, guitarist extraordinaire Marc Ribot with the lovely Kazu (Blonde Redhead) doing it live.

And perhaps the song's zenith, done by these two titans. (Perfect, I might add, for crying your eyes out over Ricky's demise.)

Now it's your turn. Cover me.

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