Lets talk about the GOOD things from this game!

I think we too often find ourselves bogged down in the bad parts of a soul crushing close defeat. Instead lets take the time to look at the good things. I'll get us started.

-fun early start time: I like when I can watch a game while I eat dinner. Also it gets over at a reasonable time. Good thing!

-Toronto has the most annoying color commentator in the world, which means WE don't have the most annoying color commentator in the world. Good for us!

-For 3 hours this game helped drown out my elderly neighbors television which is left at a deafening volume. Deafening in my apartment. Hurray! She is currently watching a Walgreens commercial.

-Fun camo jerseys! Those were fun right!?!

-Self esteem: I turned off the game feeling like if I took the time to stretch and bought a nice pair of sneakers I too could be a professional basketball player. I believe in ME!

-I learned AJ Price was on our team. Good to know!

-We cut it down to 5pts.! If we were going to lose at least we lost in a way that adds to the legacy of our teams close game impotence which must be the stuff of legend by now. A legend which we will one day tell stories of to our uninterested grand children. Hurray for posterity!

-Holy S#!t woman buy a G@d d@mn hearing aid! This is Fing ridiculous! I can hear every Fing word through my G--D--- wall! I'm going to start charging this bitty rent! Why do televisions even go that loud!?! What good does that do? At some point just give up and go with the closed captions. Jesus Christ.

-ok, that was less positive, but I can bring it back. Um, the raptors have a fun optical illusion sign underneath their baskets and who doesn't love optical illusions? Fun for everyone!

Alright! Good start fellas, lets keep it rolling! Good stuff from the game, and remember, keep it positive no matter how much you resent paying large sums of money to a Social Security scheme that you'll never see just so your neighbor can remain alive enough to watch non-stop game shows and "real life" crime dramas at ear splitting levels. POSITIVE!

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