La Copa del Rey - King's Cup

King's Cup is a spaniard KO tournament where top 8 ACB teams, according to current season standings, will fight, in a 4 day competition, for the cup and a place into an european tournament next year.

Matches don't take into account seeds, and this year schedule at Malaga is:

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Real Madrid - Herbalife Gran Canaria
Unicaja - CAI Zaragoza

Friday, February 7, 2014
FC Barcelona - Iberostar Tenerife
Valencia Basket - Laboral Kutxa

Saturday, February 8, 2014
February 6, Winner #1 - February 6, Winner #2
February 7, Winner #1 - February 7, Winner #2

Sunday, February 9, 2014
February 8, Winner #1 - February 8, Winner #2

Everybody is expecting a Real Madrid - FC Barcelona final, but there can be a lot of surprises.

Quick look Real Madrid #1 - Herbalife Gran Canaria #5 (2-0)

Real Madrid, unbeaten in the ACB, will face for the third time in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey to Herbalife Gran Canaria. Those were close matches but Real Madrid won them all.

Quick look Unicaja #4 - CAI Zaragoza #6

Unicaja, the host this year, will try to fight his luck as host - defeated in first match in 2001(vs Real Madrid) and 2007(vs FC Barcelona). CAI will try to beat this year the host in first round (in 2013 lost vs Caja Laboral). CAI got the W last 2 visits to Malaga, but this is a very special event.

Quick look FC Barcelona #3 - Iberostar Tenerife #8

The reigning champion against an islander team returning to the event after 25 years. ACB league matches (15-0).

Quick look Valencia Basket #2 - Laboral Kutxa #7

Best first round ever in the history of Valencia Basket against a classic team in this competition, Laboral Kutxa/ Caja Laboral, 12 years in a row playing semifinal.

Expect top seeds to advance - might be surprises from CAI or Laboral Kutxa in first round. Beyond this round who knows.

There will be plenty of nba scouters and many of the players pointed out by in his amazing posts - 4 teams are playing Euroleague. I hope you can enjoy it, and excuse my poor english.

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