Wolves' Seasonal Milestones: #5

As we approach the All Star Break, the NBA season is more than half over. We've got a good handle on our Timberwolves: they are a team that has yet to live up to our expectations and to their statistical profile. There are signs they may be turning that around, but the big question over this next nine-game stretch is how they will perform without their second best player, Nikola Pekovic.

There have been 37 player-seasons in franchise history in which a C (or C/F or F/C, as designated by basketball reference) has played in at least 60 games. Kevin Love, by the way, is listed as a F, not F/C). So think about Wolves centers over the years and whom you think had the best seasons.


Ranked by WS, the best center season in team history was PEK last year (6.7)

The rest of the top ten:

Dean Garrett 96-97

Laettner 94-95

Tod Murphy 89-90

Felton Spencer 90-91

Rasho 02-03

Laettner 92-93

Laettner 93-94

Rasho 01-02

Parks 97-98

Not exactly a murderer's row. Even the best season is only 6.7 WS. And the 2nd-10th best seasons all took place more than a decade ago. Pek's first season came in at 33rd on that list. So who finished in last place at 37th?

You guessed it:

Darko 10-11

The Wolves went 5-4 over the past nine games, which is what I had projected and is the same record as their previous nine game stretch. The good news is after losing the first three games, the team won five of six. Let's hope they can keep this momentum going, even without Pek for while.


MN is:

  • 7th in differential (4.73)
  • 12th in strength of schedule
  • 6th in SRS
  • 9th in ORtg (108.6) and 8th in DRtg (103.7)
  • 2nd in pace
  • Four Factors (offense): 24th in eFG%; 1ST in TOV%; 6th in ORB%; 5th in FT/FGA

Since the last milestone, the team has dropped a bit in ORtg and risen a little in DRtg.

A couple of other stats: MN has out-rebounded its opponent 16 games to 13 (I assume the remainder were draws); won the TO battle 20-16.

TIMBERWOLVES - 23-22, 10th in the Western Conference (2 games out of 8th; they'd be fighting for the 3rd seed if in the Eastern Conference).


@SAS - L


@TOR - L



@GSW - W

@POR - L

@CHI - W




@ATL (B2B)


@OKC (B2B)





(All Star Break)


Projected record: 5-4. Why change now? Actually, that feels a little optimistic, but the Wolves need to keep winning if they're going to make a run at the playoffs. Bad news: No Pek, 3 (!) B2B games against good teams, only two games against bad teams. Good news: 6 home games and a week off for all non-Love players.


PPG - Love #4

RPG - Love #2

APG - Rubio #5


FGs - Love #6

FT - Love #3

FT% - Martin #4

ORs - PEK #4, Love #9

DRs - Love #3

TO% - Cunningham #5 (not good)

Win Shares - Love #3

Best Smile - BREWER #1

EX-WOLVES WATCH (Small sample size)

Webster - .132 WS/48

Kirilenko - .116 WS/48

Tolliver - .099 WS/48

Beasley - .097 WS/48

DWill - .079 WS/48 (.023 w/MN, .096 w/SAC)

Wes - .045 WS/48

Ridnour - .024 WS/48

Stiemsma - .019 WS/48

Wayne - .011 WS/48

Since the Wolves have played 45 games, I leave you with this, the aural equivalent of a Trailblazers troll:

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