Just Once??????/ Blues Dancin' Around My Head

GARGH!!!!! We've been down this road WAY too many times and it still hurts to the bone each time it happens. This has moved beyond being able to assuage the pain with liquor or stem the anguish with commiserating with the CH faintful (Freudian slip?; probably not, so I'm leaving it in here). I'm sure none of us feels worse than KLove right now, but this is really getting hard to swallow. It feels like this to me:

Everyone has their method to deal with loss, and I'm certain we are all in full deployment of those technics this morning. As many of you know by now, I handle my pain through music, most especially through the Blues. This team and the blues seem to me to be as one; I can't define them as separate or distinct entities anymore. The Thunder, The Mavericks, and The Clippers might just as well be names of Mississippi Delta cities for the connections to pain they inhabit in my mind. As Ella tells it, watching the Timberwolves has me thinking that there isn't much other than the blues:

Etta James says it equally well for all of us down-hearted fans:

Since we are WAY down at the bottom and we've been here for some time, maybe a JB Lenoir tune would be the most appropriate next song. See if you agree.

This nadir seems so desperate right now, but it won't always. Another day will change the way we look at things, at least somewhat, but there will always be a sense of dogged disaster close at hand, unless we can exorcise this curse from our minds. Let's try a song by a couple of younger blues artists to express our sense of being cursed:

Those who till the soil have always had a certain fatalism about their lot; trying to best the whims of nature will lead to that sort of mindset. Farmers are most always a rugged and resilient group of people who can withstand most anything thrown at them. Maybe we can learn something from them.

Many of us are so VERY frustrated right now that we've given real thought to no longer watching this doomed franchise flummox their way into the loss of Love. I selfishly hope that bsg and others don't lose hope and continue to contribute to this community, but I certainly could understand why they might. This song speaks to their quandary just a bit.

I am not a religious person, but I take some solace in the music and singers who have come from that tradition of gospel music. Supreme entity or not, we all yearn for for the relief from our suffering and question how many more travails will be visited on us before we will gain some sort of victory. Maybe we question as Van Morrison does here; just how long has this been going on.

Or maybe, like this gospel singer who turned to the secular and inspired even more followers, we still find ourselves believing that even hard times don't last forever. Maybe it won't be right now, but someday something good will come.

After sleeping on it and then getting up to do a few hours of snow removal in our Arctic climate, I've decided that this community and this Flynning franchise are too important to me to give up now. There may come a day that I will change my mind, but like Otis Rush, I can't see that day right now...

So this is it, as flawed and as star-crossed a team as this one is, I'm still strapped on for the ride. God knows that there are likely clinical definitions for watching the same behavior being repeated for as long as our fanbase has and still somehow hoping that a corner is being turned, but I still have some small hope that even a dysfunctional FO can stumble into a complimentary player for KLove sometime soon. Until he is gone, I'm still here. I am fervently hoping that Junior Wells has it right in this song. Basketball gods, are you listening?

That's all I've got; as Eric says "this thread is open- wide open".

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