Tracking Timberwolves Demand-Based Ticket Pricing -- February Update

I could make plenty of jokes about "demand-based" ticket pricing for Wovles games. If the average fan is as disgusted with the team's recent performance as I am, perhaps they are also content to stay home and watch Olympic Curling and Speed Skating instead of getting out to Target Center.

Nevertheless, I'm updating my analysis of the Wolves Demand-Based Ticket Pricing. I have once again updated the Google Spreadsheet for February, and I will highlight some of the changes below.

Game Opp February Average Average Increase Change Since Jan. Changed Price Levels
Wed, February 12 Nuggets $85.91 5.82% $5 11
Wed, February 19 Pacers $83.55 1.96% $1.64 5
Wed, March 5 Knicks $95.18 0.58% $0.55 4
Fri, March 7 Pistons $83.36 2.18% $1.82 6
Sun, March 9 Raptors $68.91 1.19% $0.82 4
Tue, March 11 Bucks $68.64 0.52% $0.36 3
Sun, March 16 Kings $68.64 0.80% $0.55 3
Sun, March 23 Suns $70.27 2.46% $1.73 4
Wed, March 26 Hawks $81.91 1.00% $0.82 4
Fri, March 28 Lakers $139.09 1.63% $2.27 6
Mon, March 31 Clippers $117.82 1.47% $1.73 6
Wed, April 2 Grizzlies $82.18 1.11% $0.91 5
Tue, April 8 Spurs*
Wed, April 9 Bulls $119.55 0.99% $1.18 6
Fri, April 11 Rockets $117.55 1.55% $1.82 7
Wed, April 16 Jazz $68.18 0.66% $0.45 3

*Oddly, the Spurs game (rescheduled from Mexico City) isn't listed on the Wolves website or on Ticketmaster.

For a change of pace, this time, I made arbitrary distinctions between good, medium, and bad opponents, and made a matrix to assign value among the remaining games.

Price/Opponent Quality Bad Teams Medium Teams Good Teams
Less Expensive Jazz, Bucks, Kings Raptors, Suns
Medium Expensive Pistons Nuggets, Hawks, Grizzlies
More Expensive Bulls, Lakers
Rockets, Clippers

The best deals remaining this season are the March 9 Raptors and March 23 Suns games. The Grizzlies have a bit of a hometown flavor since their head coach, Dave Joerger, is a Staples, MN native. With Marc Gasol back, and Conley playing well, they are actually pretty fun to watch.

Again, check out the Google Spreadsheet if you would like to dig deeper.

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