Every Road Trip Needs a Soundtrack

Howdy folks, it's time for a good old fashioned west coast road trip and I for one couldn't be more excited. Long drives and late nights are sweet jet fuel for my ongoing drifter fantasies so get on board and fire up the tunes, grab some coffee and snacks at the old Kum & Go, and let's get this show on the road. I'll start with some music that I'll want to hear as we explore the great American experiment known as the highway system. Don't worry though, the road is long and winding so we will have plenty of time for everyone's favorite road music.

I'll start with a little gypsy music to get us in the mood for some traveling. And speaking of traveling, they pretty much never call it against the greatest traveling basketball team of all time the Harlem Globetrotters. What's the connection? I think you know.

Here is a version of a road trip standard that I didn't even know existed until I searched the world wide web just now. Obviously this was too cool to not post. Thanks again Youtube.

We're really getting into the groove now having reached the part of the central western United States where the road goes on forever in a vast expanse of flat foreverness so I think it's a good time for this:

Wow, we're really truckin' now.

Here we need another classic american jam to get us through the darkest part of our drive. Just sit back and try to keep those eyes open.

We've almost made it. With road trips, like everything, timing is important. The sun is coming up behind us and now and we are about to catch our first glimpse the glimpse of the rocky mountains. Amazing how the sun just lights them up. Purple mountain majesty indeed! We will need the right song to set this moment and I think you will agree this is a good choice:

That was glorious! It's full morning now and we still have some driving ahead of us. Let's get some fresh truck stop coffee and put all those highway miles where they belong- in our rear view mirror.

Well folks, I think we have burned through all of the tapes I had room for in my beaten down backpack so I turn the stereo over to you. It's someone else's turn to drive anyway.

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