Wolves Fall to Blazers, Injuries Continue, Welcome Back to the NBA Jason Collins

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

A tough night in Portland and other notes from Wolvesdom.

Well that was disappointing. Always is when they get off to such a good start and look so good early, but this was always more likely to be a loss then not.  Road back to backs are very difficult, and despite the occasional decent play from the bench recently, it's still a dubious unit.  Once the Blazers got a handle on Kevin Love, there wasn't much else for the Wolves. J.J. Barea made his shots in the first half, and didn't in the 2nd, and they lost.

I agree that playing Barea so long in the 2nd half was unwise, but in truth, this game was getting away from them anyway. The Blazer push at the end of the 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter was just too much for the Wolves tonight. Damian Lillard was hot, and the Blazers shot 13-28 from three, which is how they win.  And they won.

On to Phoenix on Tuesday, after which they don't play again until Saturday in Sacramento. Hopefully they will get some of their injured players back by then.

Kevin Martin is scheduled to see a doctor about his broken hand today in Los Angeles.

In other news, Jason Collins made his season debut with Brooklyn last night, so kudos to him for getting another paycheck.

Anyone know why Alexey Shved has been DNP the last couple of nights?

Shabazz Muhammad has at least temporarily slipped into some playing time; he does appear to have some rebounding talent, especially on the offensive end.

I've mentioned this guy's work before, but a reminder of Late Round Productions, who have extended Wolves highlights for every game. Here's Utah:

Today in History

303: First official Roman Edict for the persecution of Christians issued
1541: Santiago, Chile founded by Pedro de Valvidia
1711: Handel's opera "Rinaldo" premieres in London
1821: Mexican independence from Spain
1868: House of Representatives votes to impeach Andrew Johnson
1876: Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" premieres in Oslo
1903: U.S. acquires naval station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
1924: Mahatma Gandhi released from jail
1946: Juan Peron elected president of Argentina
1980: U.S. Olympic hockey team defeats Finland for gold medal

Today's musical birthday is George Thorogood, born in 1950

This thread is open.

Check back later today for a new article from vjl110.  Should be posted around lunchtime. I hope.

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