Delayed Report Card from running with Twolves (and scissors (and digestive issues))

Sorry this is late I’ve had a terrible case of digestive issues out of both ends. It was supposed to be cooler, but it’s not. He’s your Meta Global Shears Report Card.

It’s time to talk TIMBERWOLVES!!!!!!!! (Speaking of that, "Timberwolves Talk" would be a great name for a Timberwolves podcast. What happened to the two guys who used to do that?) If you haven’t noticed I break into parentheses quite a bit (It might become tiring for you). As with anything you don’t like on CH (If you don’t like my use of parentheses) just skim over it. Now let’s talk Timberwolves!

Actually let’s not and say we did. I wasn’t able to catch the first quarter of the game. Mrs. Scissors had an appointment regarding the new little sharp object that is currently in her uterus. It took awhile. Then we ate Chinese food (I’m still feeling the effects today). The waitress’s name was Snowly. I’ve never heard of that name before but I felt it was a good omen as I hoped to have a Snow day the next day (It’s a good thing that there is a snow day because my digestive system feels terrible). Finally, we got groceries and then headed back home to catch the wolves.

Now let’s talk Timberwolves! I was thinking to myself, "I wonder how the 1st quarter is progressing. I bet the wolves have 40 and the bucks have like 26." Nope. That is not how it played out. I don’t have anything to say about the first half of the first half (Reduce you idiot and just say first quarter!! (That’s the mean parentheses guy watch out for him)) So I’m going to quote some things I saw on the game thread.

Woofs D is like a giant colander. by E-6

Did people cheer for RIdnour? -by RBE

Dave Benz said that the Bucks started 12 for 12 the best since 2011. (That’s not from the game thread (I don’t care)) You know what I’m going to give Benz his grade right now. Benz I’ll give you a solid A- tonight. You impressed me by being able to pronounce a guy’s name that I’m not even going to try to spell. You asked some interesting questions to JPete like who he would choose in a redraft etc.

wolves and bucks in a tight battle..

can someone explain to me why I’m still watching this year? by irahazemusic

Masochist by googoleeoottooooleeoottooooleeeatta (responding to the above post)

As the 2nd half of the first half wore on it became increasingly difficult for the crew at CH to watch the game. JJ played most of the quarter which brought down the wrath on Adelman as well. Here’s where I stand on the whole JJ RA thing (I’ll call them Raj from now on). JJ is best suited to play off the ball (Jpete brought that up as well). That’s why going into the season I loved a JJ-Shved backcourt (Shvej for short). The problem is that shvej never really got going. This meant that JJ would be the only ball handler on the floor and many times the ball doesn’t leave his sticky fingers unless he’s going to pass it to Dante.

Here are their grades: JJ – made some shots (long overdo). We got "Good Offense JJ" (Good ‘ol JJ for about the same length). His defense was terrible. I’ll give JJ a B. I can’t stand all of those long midrange shots Dante takes. Then he shoots his FTs at under 60%. How can the guy who just shoots midrange j’s be bad at FTs?!? He also isn’t great on the boards (we got outrebounded last night). I’ll give Dante a C (his man defense was pretty good).

I’m not in the fire Adleman camp. Is he the perfect coach? No, but Pop isn’t walking through that door any time soon. The lineups can be frustrating sometimes, and I would like more pick and roll. However, He draws up good plays, the offense is beautiful when it’s humming, and we are efficient at both ends of the floor. I liked that he only gave Ricky a short breather in the 4th and that he had Love make the call regarding his minutes. I’ll give RA an A-.

Martin has struggled to make 3s as of late which caused fire to be called down from the CH faithful. More on Martin later...

The mood as we headed into halftime was dire on CH here are some thoughts.

Audible boos from the crowd

So… it’s good that the crowd’s getting involved?

In Adelman I trust? by Spanish_Inquisition

Trash this team

So frustrating by davechisholm


I don’t care if I have to watch midrange jumpers the rest of my life, I’m ready to trade for an inane offensive strategy if it means putting the best players on the court, and keeping the worst ones off. by Pacific.

Hanny had a clever line about being a warm winter day in MN when the Bucks would be winning at halfime.

The starters did a great job getting things under control in the 3rd. One of the people who really got things going was Corey Brewer’s passing. Check out the last two on the list. In both of those plays Corey passed up what would have been a "good" (it is Corey shooting after all) for a great shot. Corey I’ll give you a solid A-.

Rubio played more minutes than normal in the 2nd half. That made me happy. Rubio had an amazing +24 for the game. The dude just wins. I hope RA continues to give him more minutes in the 2nd half. We don’t want JJ on the ball after all. Rubio A+.

Martin has had a rough go of it from deep as of late. He was able to get going with some nice layups and a pretty fantastic dunk as well. Here’s a link to his baskets. The dunk in the third especially was really nice. Kmart shoots with a high TS%. I get that he’s not great on D, but Klove can’t carry the load by himself every night. Kmart gets a A-.

In the 4th Quarter the Wolves really started to take control. One of the key buckets was this beautiful hook shot from Klove. (Scroll down to the third one from the end). This is how you run a beautiful iso post up. Notice how the other wolves’ players give Love space and don’t take their man into the play. When help finally comes late to Love’s right he makes a marvelous hook over his left shoulder. Klove is Amazing he gets an A+

The rest of the bench was nothing special tonight. I’ll give them a C.

Thanks to Love playing more minutes than normal, the puppies were able to pull away and get a victory. Was it nice? No. Was it a win? Yes.

Here are some questions for those of you who want to talk about things:

Who would you redraft in this year’s rookie class?

How sweet is a Timberwolves Backpack!?! They are going to give them away in an upcoming game.

The win last night doubled our double digit comebacks for the season. That isn’t a good thing. Why do you think the wolves have found it difficult to overcome deficits?

I’ll leave you with this thought from Monkeywolf.

who would have thought at the beginning of the season

that the collective CH hive mind would turn against Adelman and demand more playing time for Shabazz.

Cray cray.

by monkeywolf

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