Wolves Ugly in Brooklyn, Final Four Set

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Some Notes for your morning cup.

I didn't think yesterday's game deserved a full recap, it struck me as a classic no energy/late season road game. The Wolves just didn't have it.  They hung around, made a good run early in the third quarter to grab a lead, but just couldn't sustain it.  Ricky Rubio got into dubious foul trouble, there was a lot of grabbing and holding going on, and Kevin Love just had no energy.  The Nets have been hot for a while now, especially at home, and it all spelled doom as they pulled away in the 4th quarter.

jacob wrote a fanpost about his day at the game which you can find on the front page for more...arterial clogging.  Check that out.

The Wolves are back home tonight to play the Clippers for the final time this season.  It would be nice to get a win against them this year, especially given some of the earlier contests.  You will recall the Kevin Martin turnover game that became an overtime loss in a game the Wolves seemingly had won, as well as the furious comeback at Staples that fell just short in their first meeting.

Elsewhere, the Final Four is set, with Florida and Connecticut in one matchup and Wisconsin and Kentucky in the other coming up on Saturday.  Doesn't seem like there are a lot of great 2014 draft prospects here...I guess Julius Randle from Kentucky.  Frank Kaminsky has looked pretty good, but my guess is he returns to school for his senior year.  Anyone you have your eye on from this group of teams?

In the West, Memphis (in Portland), Phoenix (at Lakers), and Golden State (home to NYK) all lost disappointing games yesterday in their battle for the last playoff spots.  As it currently stands, Memphis is a half game behind Dallas and Phoenix for the 7th-9th spots.

Today in History

1492: Queen Isabella expels Jews
1657: English Parliament offers Oliver Cromwell the crown--he declines
1814: Anti-Napoleon forces capture Paris
1889: Eiffel Tower officially opens
1939: England and France sign agreement to support Poland if Germany invades
1945: Tennessee Williams' Glass Menagerie premieres in New York. 
1968: LBJ announces he won't run for re-election
1975: John Wooden coaches final game as UCLA wins 10th title in 12 years.

Today's musical birthday is Johann Sebastien Bach, born in 1685

Here is his prelude and fugue in C Minor, played by a precocious pianist. This interpretation is a bit hurried in my view, but the technical ability is spectacular.

Have a great day.

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