Trade Rubio this summer?

Greetings all,

I've been thinking about this for a while and i've finally come to the conclusion that while I like what this team has on paper I don't think it's a winning formula for success in the "Modern" NBA. I keep thinking that one day i'll wake up and it will be the start of the season again and the wolves will be in the top of the league standings with a 3-0 record. So it got me to thinking, since everyone can dream and throw out their crazy trade proposals WHY NOT ME TOO!

In this league we've seen that size, athleticism and talent can take you a long way. While the foundation of Love, Pek and Rubio sounds good on paper its always the same story of late game situations where we never know who will take the shot. It Rubio has the ball everyone dares him to shoot so that they can guard Love and Martin (when healthy). So for me I think the answer is to trade for a quality PG that can be the go to scorer and help take this team to the next level without sacrificing Love or Pek.

I know this is a dream but what about teaming Love and Pek with Kyrie. Yes you might laugh and think it could never happen but think of all the commercials they could shoot together as old men (talking about winning back in their day). If we did any type of trade with the Cavs, I would be okay with surrendering a few picks and Rubio. Yes it sounds crazy but with a dominate PG, an outstanding PF and more than capable C; this would be be in the middle of the western conference bests. I'm also thinking that if the Wolves show inclination to bring in superstars it will help keep love and we can all sing kumbaya.

Anyways just wanted to spark some kind of discussion. I know the trade doesn't work straight up and nor would anyone ever agree to it plus other pieces would need to be involved but how does a:


2015 1st Round Pick
2014 2nd Round Pick

or just 2 second round picks

Wolves GET:

2016 2nd round pick
2017 2nd round pick

Well thats all I got for now, just another frustrated Wolves fan who wants to come back to MPLS to see a live playoff game sometime in the next decade.

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