Here we are again nearing the end of the season, possibly both the most promising and frustrating season. It feels like it's slowly ramped up in those regards each of the last few years. These last couple months have been fun and have given some hope for "better luck next year."

Funny how a few good games elicits such joy and excitement for next year when this season isn't technically even over.

But here we are, I thought I'd get some ideas out there and see what people thought. Many of said ideas have already been floating around CH, just got it on my mind tonight so bare with me and my amateur writing style.


1. Wings-Shooters and ball handlers that are able to play off Rubio and Love, make 3's and create when needed.

2. Point Guard-JJ Barea isn't one. We need a good backup PG.

3. Power Forward-DC is a goner. A physical forward to spell Love.

4. Coach-Assuming Adelman is done.



Kevin Love-$15 mil, 2 yrs remaining

Rubio-$4 mil, 1 yr

Pekovic-$12 mil, 4 yrs


Gorgui Dieng-$1.5 mil, 3 yrs

Shabazz-$2mil, 3 yrs

Alexey Shved-$3 mil, 1 yr


JJ Barea-$4.5mil, 1 yr

Kevin Martin-$6.5 mil, 3 yrs

Brewer-$5mil, 2 yrs

Budinger-$5mil, 2yrs

Luc-$4.5, 2 yrs

First things first; DO NOT TRADE KEVIN LOVE. Unless an unhappy Love forces us to do so.

Secondly, there is little to no reason to trade Rubio playing on his last year of his rookie deal, unless it was part of a package to bring back a star.

Obligatory "I love Pek as much as the next guy but..." he may be our biggest asset that we could afford to part with. That said, we may not have to and having Pek, Dieng and Turiaf is quite a blessing to have. (ed. note:if Pek trade transpires, make sure it is to Eastern Conference ;)

It seems as though Gorgui is a player, so there'd be little reason to part with him on such a great contract.

The same could be said for Shabazz but many of us feel as though he disrupts the offense and plays a little out of control/selfishly. I'd say sell high given the opportunity. If not, at least he attacks and plays aggressively.

Shved. Sadly I think Shved has been broken. I'd hope some team would see the promise that is (once was?) there and take a chance on him, because I think he's ran his course with our squad. Just lacks the confidence needed to lead a team at the point.




Kyle Lowry-Final year of a $6 mil contract, leading Toronto to the playoffs. Coming off a monster year, at 28 years old, I'd guess he'll get a 4 yr, $10+ per year deal. Does he want to stay in Toronto? Would he be able to play off the ball with Rubio? One can only fantasize. Sign and Trade of Lowry and Amir Johnson for Pek, Shved and Muhammed. Would Pek/Val work??

Gordon Hayward-Another sign and trade. Hayward could fit nicely alongside Love, Rubio and a gambling Brewer. Would Utah part with him? Maybe. If he was hesistant to stay and they were intrigued by a Pek/Favors frontcourt. I'd guess Hayward gets something along the lines of 4 yrs, 8 mil per. Utah is also way under the tax line and $18 mil will be coming off the books in Richard Jefferson and Marvin Williams.


Lance Stephenson-Headcase aside, and a shooter implemented at the 3, Lance could work. We'd be a serious pain for other backcourts. He's fearless and would probably bring a little nasty out of Rubio even. Downside, could do some damage to chemistry? I really don't know. Not sure what he'll command; 4 yrs, $7 per maybe?

Aaron Afflalo-Not sure why Orlando would move him at this point.

Nicolas Batum-It'd be tough to see Pek on the Blazers and I think that'd be the cost. Sooo, never mind.

Thad Young-Least pressing need what with Love but would be excellent to have Thad spelling Love and playing PF with Love when/if we went small.


PG's: Jameer Nelson, Patty Mills, Alec Burks, DJ Augustin, Isiah Thomas, Greivis Vasquez

SG's: Jodie Meeks, Anthony Morrow, Lou Williams (knee?), Evan Fournier, Nick Calathes, John Jenkins

SF's: James Johnson, Trevor Ariza, Luol Deng, Jared Dudley, Al-Farouq Aminu, DeMarre Carroll,

Otto Porter (doubtful)

PF's: Brandon Bass, Jordan Hill, Marvin Williams


I'd move Pek if the return was Lowry. So

In: Lowry, Amir Johnson

Out: Pek, Shved, Muhammed + future protected first to make this a little more enticing.

(The Raps probably wouldn't do this deal w/o a Rubio return but this is my ideal outcome, so indulge me.)

Next, Barea to Atlanta for John Jenkins and DeMarre Carroll. Carroll brings hustle/depth and taking a flyer on Jenkins finding his shot/role.

Sign Patty Mills-3yrs, 10 mil.

Unfortunately there will be little interest in Martin, Brewer and Budinger. Stuck with the 3 for, at least, another year.

We draft Clint Capela at 13 bringing in a solid defender and pick n roll player. We also manage to trade up, back into the 1st round and select Jordan Adams.

Coach: Fred Hoiberg

PG: Rubio/Mills/Lowry

SG: Lowry/Martin/Jenkins/Adams

SF: Brewer/Bud/Carroll/Luc

PF: Love/Amir/Capela (#13)/Luc

C: Dieng/Turiaf/Amir


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