possible wolves head coaches... a pipe dream

With the impending retirement of Rick Adelman, the wolves will once again be looking for a head coach. Lets take a look at who are the possible candidates and the possibility that we could land them.

Flip Saunders- Lets start with probably the most likely but my least favorite choice, our former head coach. He brings enough coaching experience but a certain lack of flare or respectability around the league. Suprising old at 59, Flip has a .548 winning percentage with 3 teams in the NBA. In what would be a classic timberwolves move, I feel like this is the most likely outcome for our pups. I give ita 75% chance

Fred Hoiberg- We all know about our former player and front office man, A.K.A "the mayor", Fred is a hot name around the NBA right now. Leading his Iowa state cyclones to the best season in school history, and winning big 12 coach of the year in 2012 his stock couldnt get much higher. While we would love to see the return of Hoiberg, the signing of his recent 10 year contract probably takes him off the NBA table for a couple more seasons. I say 20%.

Stan Van Gundy- bringing 8 years of coaching experience, and probably being most famous for Dwight Howards Impression of him (or "resigning" from the heat for Pat Riley depending on your age), he is a talked about name aound these parts. Bringing a winning percentage of .641, and famously implementing a 4 out 1 in style with the magic, bringing them to the finals in 2009. He is a guy im not super down on but im not real highon either, seeing how the Howard situation played out and with our impending love decision, im not sure if he is the guy we want. I give it a 45% chance.

Jeff Van Gundy- the younger (yes younger) of the van gundys, currently a talking head for espn, has 11 years head coaching experience in the NBA. an innocent bystanderd of 2 altercations between players, he has had his share of tv moments. Taking the knicks to multiple finals, and managing the injury riddled houston rockets of the 2000's, Jeff van gundy brings a nice resume with him despite having a slighlt lower winning percentage than his brother. He has turned down multiple job offers in the last couple of years and its unknown if he would even take the wolves job. A solid but nog flashy coach, im lukewarm on jim but a little higher than his brother. I give this a 30% chance.

Tom Izzo- Possibly one of the only coaches that could get Love to stay, Flips old buddy and my personal pipe drea, Tom Izzo has been of the best college coaches for the last decade. A master recruiter, and sideline manager, there arent many names more respected in coaching than Izzo. A part of the michigan state coaching staff since 1983, he took over the job in 95 and hasnt looked back since. 1 national title and 7 final four trips in his tenure have kept Michigan state as a power house in the competitive Big ten. Whether fully healthy or plauged by injuries his teams always show up. While it would take quite the offer to get him to make the jump, I feel like he would be very successful should he come. 15 % chance.

Frank Vogel- I never thought it would be possible for a guy like Vogel to come available, it seems almost inevitable after the pacers recent struggles. The best team in theleague throughout most of the season, the struggles after losing granger were well documented, but I dont think the blame should fall on the coach for this one. Infamously not a Larry Bird hire, should the pacers fail, I feel he will be fired. Bringing a toughness to the pacers they lacked after the malice in the palice, vogel established a defensive attitude and established himself as one of the best young coaches in the league. Should he become available, he should be one of the top choices for the wolves, bringing with him the defensive passion we lacked last season. 0-50% depending on his availability.

George Karl- Winning the coach of the year, the same year he was fired, Karl was one of the longest tenured coaches in the NBA with 25 years of coaching in the league. a career winning percentage of .599, he always seemed to max out his talent. Handling the Carmelo Anthony situation, and bringing the team to even farther heights after after he was lost is a testament to Karls' abilities. Having een the coach of many superstars, over many years with many different teams, the one knock would be that he never won a title. As a lifelong deprived timberwolves fan, I would take the playoffs. I hope Flip and papa Glenn make a good run at him. I give this a 60 percent chance.

Red Aurbach- hey a guy can hope cant he? Despite being dead his 9 championships would definitly bring repect to the wolves bench. I give this 1 percent.

Wel thats all I can put together for now, let me know what you think, or add any coaches I may have left out. What say you hoopers?

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