FARGO: "A Muddy Run"

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted, I've been very busy, out of the loop for days. I still haven't seen Sunday's "Mad Men," for instance. Speaking of MM, why is everyone suddenly talking about an old episode that featured Roger Sterling as a racist?


Too soon?

Now that I have the "humor" out of the way, let me fire out bullet points with my reactions to last night's episode of "Fargo":

  • The series is growing on my, probably the best episode yet. I still have plenty to gripe about, starting with another bloated (1:11) long episode and the two dimensionality of almost every character, making this cartoonish.
  • For example, I hate the on-the-nose "quirky" names: Gus Grimly (Hanks) and Molly SOLVErson.
  • I do, however, like virtually all the actors. And it was nice to see Gus and Molly finally connect at the end of this episode. She's the most fully realized character. He may end up being her counterpart - though he could also end up being a feckless, stammering nice guy who doesn't redeem himself.
  • Malvo remains way over the top - the most reckless, confident criminal ever. Yet he escapes being caught or harmed. He drags victims in front of security cameras, he sneaks into houses and finishes his business the split second the owner would have seen him, etc. etc. It's all a lot of fun, but really pushing the suspension of disbelief deal, yeah?
  • Hank's pronunciation of "Beemeedjee" was the worst Minnesota accent blunder yet.
  • Mrs. Hess - very fun, very cartoonish. Why is it I feel the Coens' characters subtly avoid this trap, usually, but the television series doesn't?
  • Maybe not a good sign when I get more excited for the promos that for the program. During breaks I saw "Louie" and "24" and more that I want to see. The Sandler/Barrymore "Brady Bunch" ripoff looks horrid, though.
  • Also, an unintentional chuckle: coming out of break, the viewer advisory warned us that it's for "Mature Audiences; Language, Violence." In other words, MA LV... all we needed was the "O."
  • Another scene that felt completely worthless, done only to reference the original film: Molly has lunch with an old high school classmate who moved to the Twin Cities and confesses that she has divorced. Making the classmate a white woman instead of an Asian male? Why bother?
  • The montage at the end with Billy Bob's VO - just feels too artsy and unearned. What is this. season one of "Modern Family"? YMMV

There were excellent comments in last week's recap, I look forward to hearing all of your points of view, whenever you get around to watching this episod

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