Worst possible Timberwolves offseason?

We all knew that Kevin Love was going to be a free agent next offseason so hearing yesterday’s ‘news’ really isn’t much of a surprise and since nothing happened its not really all that bad either. Thinking this makes me wonder ‘What would actual Timberwolves bad new look like this off season?’ So here is my take on what the worst possible Wolves offseason would be.

Let start with the NBA draft lottery. I would guess the worst possible outcome would be the Suns moving into the top three causing the Wolves to lose their first round pick accompanied by lottery results that leave all the the Wolves possible trade partners in a Love trade outside of the top three. Now I’m sure there could be worse scenarios such as the Wolves keeping their pick and using on a player that turns into a negative asset (I’m thinking Zach LaVine) but I haven’t payed enough attention to college basketball this season to really determine who that would be so its easier to assume the Wolves don’t have a pick. Also, having the lottery result lead the Wolves to find someone to trade Love to for a high pick (which you could assume they would mess up) and a few other negative assets could be worse than having nothing happen as far as trades go but lets assume the having nothing happen and having to listen to constant Love trade speculation as the worst outcome.

After the lottery I expect the Wolves coaching search to go into full gear. I am going to assume that Flip wants to actual find a coach, that is not himself, but I am going also assume that he is incompetent at his job. So I image the coaching search will begin (or has begun) with Flip trying to convince several quality candidates, mostly current college coaches, to take the job but being unable to do so as all of those candidates decide to stay in their current positions. I also image a few other reasonable candidates will be interested in the job but will either end up get jobs coaching for other teams, as Flip drags his feet, or be passed on by Flip because he isn’t personally ‘comfortable’ with those candidates having not known them on a personal level. I image this search will drag on for weeks and may even extend beyond the draft, but since the Wolves won’t have a first round pick that won’t be that big of deal. All this time there will be constant Love trade speculation but no action taken. Eventually Flip will break down and name himself the next head coach. In an incredible rare act of holding some in the front office accountable Taylor will then remove Flip from his GMing responsibilities. Thats when this will get really interesting.

In a surprise turn of events Kevin Garnett will retire and, as someone Glen is comfortable with, be named the Wolves GM. As first move as GM KG will make a bold move to change to Wolves culture and trade Rubio (along with Mbah a Moute to make salaries match) to the Thunder for Kendrick Perkins (a friend of KG from their Boston days?) to ‘Make the Wolves tougher and because we don’t need any ‘soft’ Europeans.’ Shortly after the Rubio trade KG and Love will sit down for a meeting to discuss Love’s future. Love will come into the meeting irate that Rubio was traded and be pushed passed the tipping point after be call ‘the second best power forward in Wolves history’ and do a knuckle push up on KG’s face. Through this process Love will break his hand and some how end up missing the entire season while being untradable due to medical reasons with zero possibility of resigning here next offseason. We will also find out the KG is a fake tough guy as he freaks out at being assaulted by Love and panic trades Pekovic, who he now finds truly scary, before he ever has to meet him. The trade ends up looking something like Pekovic and Shved to Golden State for David Lee and Harrison Barnes and from some unknown reason the Wolves throw in a future first round pick, maybe even two.

The rotations looks something like

PG: Barea, ???

SG: Martin, Budinger

SF: Brewer, Huhammad

PF: Lee, Barnes

C: Perkins, Dieng, Turiaf

With maybe a few moves made to try to balance out the roster. Maybe something like Gorgui for a backup point guard?

How does that sound for the worst possible offseason. Too Wolvesy? Not Wolvesy enough?

If you made it this far I hope you have at least found it an entertaining post from a long time lurker, first time poster.

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