Kevin Love is leaving? FREE RICKY!

Hey guys,

With Kevin Love (and all that usage) likely out the door sometime soon, I've begun to picture the perfect roster for next year, and how we could possibly acquire the pieces.

I really want to see what Ricky can do if he has literally no structure in his offense. Gone are the days of the Adelman offense, and we have a chance to bring in a young defensive-minded coach that can get the team motivated to play next year, which kind of frees Ricky to do whatever he wants to do on offense. This guy has been playing professionally for 10 years and has instincts and intangibles that you just can't coach, and I want to see him run the pick&roll to death with Pekovic next year.

I think the ideal starting 5 for the wolves would be Ricky, A 3 & D SG, A SF with the ability to score, a defensive PF, and Pekovic, while moving Martin and Brewer to the bench.

We could likely get a 3 & D guy and the defensive PF in the trade for Love if we give him to Chicago in exchange for Butler and Gibson (and a pick, probably).

The SF might be a little harder to acquire, maybe trade the 13 and the pick from Chicago and most/all of the 2nd rounders to move up to get Jabari Parker (yeah, right). If not, guys that will be available in free agency and could actually come to Minnesota (there goes my Melo pipe-dream) include Hayward, Gay, Ariza (more of 3 & D I know, but that would work too), and Deng.

By having Martin on the bench, we can count on someone on the bench to create scoring opportunities for him as well as others, and Brewer can light his hair on fire while most of the opponents 2nd string players are in the game. Win-win for all the players.

As far as the other bench players go, I'd like to see an offensive-minded PF to pair with Dieng, maybe we can get one in the draft like Payne? If not, Patterson and Gasol are both free agents, maybe get one of those guys. Which just leaves the backup PG spot. I almost need another fanpost specifically for the backup point guard, but I'll reserve my opinions for this one and just say that we need to get a new one. Vasquez, Livingston, and Devin Harris are all free agents and would do a much better job running that 2nd unit.

I know this is a long shot to pick up so many key free agents, but I really want to see the Flip build this team around Ricky. I know that we're waiting on him to get his shot together (no pun intended) but I'm a firm believer in the guy and I think he can be the focal point of a team, much the same way Ty Lawson was the "superstar" of the Nuggets when they made their playoff run. Preach team-ball and defense and see what happens when you let the Spanish freak out of the cage! FREE RICKY!

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