Enough Already, It's Da Bulls

We've exhausted so many avenues of Love trades and scenarios bringing back johnny jumpshot and bouncy bill baggins (trademarked) but in the end we keep coming back to the Bulls as being the best trade partner to both be competitive next year and possibly land a star, in Mirotic or the draft picks.

Slowbreak had the sentiment the other day of 'let's just get it over with and rip the band-aid off, i'm Slow-effing Break for crissakes!' paraphrasing of course, but I'm feeling that way as well, and am sure most of you are too. There's only so many trades to be proposed before the thrill is gone, not to mention the fans of others teams dropping by w their takes. some fair and realistic, others not so much.

Being that were trading a bona-fide star, we should be able to stake our claim, dig our feet in the sand and get what we want. Right? sigh..

So the latest rumor is Denver trading the 11 for Chicago's 16 & 19. This would be an added bonus as EiM states 'how many frickin rookies do we even need?!' Yep he said that.

So without further ado, let's get this (sh*t) show over with and swap teams already (kind of) !!!

Minnesota In: Taj Gibson, (rights to) Nikola Mirotic, Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy, Jimmy Butler and the 11th pick


Chicago In: Kevin Love, Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer, and Shabazz Muhammad

Trade Machine says........+10 wins for da Bulls and -11 wins for the dags. This doesn't include Mirotic or the picks tho.

Picks 11 and 13. Ideally we'd come away with a guard/wing. Players with handles. Tyler Ennis, Elfrid Payton, Kyle Anderson, Gary Harris, KJ McDaniels come to mind.

Let's just say Ennis at 11 and Anderson at 13.

Lastly find a way to get rid of JJ. and for the sake of how deep our PF spot is, Luc too.


Dunleavy/Kyle Anderson


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