There is only one way to get equal value when trading Kevin Love

We've watched Kevin Love grow into a top 20 basketball player. No he is not a top ten player, nor is he top 15. While his record as the face of the franchise speaks for itself, no respected basketball voice has ever lauded Love for his defense. By all accounts, Love is not a two-way player. Primarily because of his limited athleticism. Let's remember this guy is still only 3 years removed from sporting man boobs. And you have to admit, given his knuckle (headed) push-up regimen, that it is possible that 3 years from now, he may need that sports bra again.

On his best nights, one can see some parallels to Dirk Nowitzki. But on his worst nights -- and he had a handful this past season -- I can see Shareef Abdur-Rahim, a player whose stats will never translate to wins.

You can write this off as spite. Love is leaving, like so many Minnesota sports stars before him, but none of us are overcome with sadness. In fact, we all would trade Love straight up for Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Damon Lillard, and other up and coming stars under the age of 25. Love is not a game changer because he is not a two-way player and he never will be.

In other words, the one thing that the Wolves are not feeling from its fan base is a fervent demand that the Wolves do everything they can to keep Kevin Love.

And this is true despite the fact that every sane and rationale Wolves fan -- if there is such a thing -- agree with Love's sentiments. That David Kahn drove this franchise into the ground. Never mind Derrick Williams, the Wes Johnson debacle alone gets Kahn inducted in the Hall of Shame. Kahn's bust belongs right next to Matt Millen's. Not only did we miss out on Demarcus Cousins, but we still owe Phoenix a 1st round pick for taking Wes Johnson. It hurts even writing that.

So Love is leaving and we are all on the edge of our seats finally being entertained by this franchise. We get to watch the Wolves trade away its best player. And, once again, we all agree that you cannot obtain fair value in return.

But that notion is wrong. While we will never know how the Spurs would handle such a situation -- because they would have locked up Love to 5 years -- we do know that they would find a way to make a good trade. And the only way to get equal -- or better -- value in return for trading Kevin Love is to obtain a high draft pick and turn it into a superstar.

Going back to the Spurs. If they believed that Wiggins will be the real deal, but it may take 2 or 3 years, then they make that trade. And posterity would favor the Spurs once Wiggins does finally grow into his potential. But that's where the conversation turns and this writing becomes a sad joke where we are laughing while wringing our hands and asking Providence for a favor. We all know that the Wolves will screw this trade up.

For a Wolves fan we can now count on two things. First, Kevin Love's days in Minnesota are numbered. Second, we can count on the Wolves messing up the trade.

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