Goodluck to the Wolves

We'll I'm staying up waiting for an early morning flight and wanted to offer my advice on your Kevin Love situation. I don't mean exactly what to do, I mean advice on how to deal with rampant speculation. Trust me, I'm an expert, being an Orlando fan since they came into the NBA (right about the Wolves time) I've seen Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard lead us to finals appearances only to depart.

Not that I'm not a greedy fan, if my Magic were in win now mode and a Superstar away I'd be quietly, and respectfully, staying on my own team board and hoping for my GM to pull off a blockbuster. Also.... I realize Kevin Love is not Dwight Howard, you'll have no Dwightmare on your hand as Love isn't some spoiled baby just a little frustrated of late.

I really think the NBA does itself a disservice when it has Superstars swapping teams too easily. Usually after they've taken a step forward and then come back. I know some situations are not salvageable, but you guys are certainly not the Timberwolves of old. Some nice talent in Minnesota that I think just needs more time to develop and another piece , from somewhere.

Advice #1 - Don't appease your star player by letting him pick player personnel.

Cleveland Tried this and LeBron said he wanted Antwan Jamison, Cleveland gave up too much and cut off their chances to bring in a real second fiddle that they needed. We tried it for Dwight with Glenn "Big Baby" Davis (even though I think the nickname more correctly applies to Dwight Howard) , in return we got a bloated contract and a player who totally messed up the floor spacing outside of Howard. As tempting as it is, whatever you do don't go to Kevin Love and ask him who he wants to play with, this might work out ok, but history suggests its a bad idea.

Advice #2 - Ignore Nets Fans or any other fans with a litany of vile trades.

Sorry I'm still bitter but logging on to see Orlando Pinstriped filled weekly with bogus trades telling us how Brooke Lopez, Kevin Humphries and a second rounder where the absolute best we could do, we'll it'll get annoying.

Advice #3 - Don't dispair other stars have changed their minds before.

Lamarcus Aldridge was talking about it just last year and it goes all the way back to Oscar Robinson in Cincinnati (who was only traded after he'd begun to decline). A playoff experience with improved play from Rubio and another piece added and Love may decide to run like a Presidential candidate and go "four more years".

Advice #4 - When all else fails this time you have good timing

Its not a Kevin Garnett time or a Dwight Howard time. Your team is competently run, add in that there are multiple teams with assets that would want Love. Its bitter going into rebuild mode in the NBA, but its rare that a draft has 3 quality potential superstar players and a team holding the number one pick who would be interested. Boston stole enough draft picks from Brooklyn you can fleece some from them, along with a young player or two. Of course all those apply only if Love says no way he's resigning.

Advice #5 - Enjoy the trading teams torment if possible.

I'm not usually a shallow person, but I gotta admit watching Howard walk away from the Lakers I enjoyed it a little too much. It'll bring a smile to your face.

Anyway best of luck and I hope you guys get into the 2014 playoffs with Love at PF.... I'm tired of watching superstars shuffle around the board.

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