A Few Good Trades

Okay, that was probably the single most misleading title in the history of Canis Hoopus. The primary point of this post is that I have a bunch of really bat-shit trades that I think would be fun to look into but have 0% chance of happening.

Now, you might be asking yourself: "how is this any different than a normal day on Canis Hoopus for VM?" And to answer that question I will say, it probably isn't.

Trade 1: All VoodooMagic 2nd Team Trade

Overview: This trade was made as a result of the report the Warriors were looking to use Lee and Barnes to get Chandler from the Knicks. I wondered if this would open up the possibility of them using Bogut to get us a draft pick.

Wolves: Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut, Iman Shumpert, Andrei Bargnani, #12+future pick from someone

Magic: Nikola Pekovic

Knicks: David Lee, Aaron Afflalo, Harrison Barnes

Warriors: Kevin Love, Corey Brewer, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Martin


#12: Dario Saric

#13: Kyle Anderson

Thoughts: You get some classic Voodoo favorites in Thompson and Shumpert to shore up your wing rotation. Additionally, with the Bogut/Pek swap, you get a little more financial flexibility as Bogut's contract is one year shorter, while not taking a drop in playing efficiency.

In the draft you get Dario Saric (or trade up to get him, I don't care but get him) to fashion your offense around Saric and Thompson scoring points, while your defense is built around Rubio/Shumpert/Bogut.

Trade 2: Get Voodoo Demar Derozan

Overview: Obvious objective here is the acquire VoodooMagic Demar Derozan

Raptors: Kevin Love, Corey Brewer, Chase Budinger

Wolves: Demar Derozan, Amir Johnson, John Salmons. Picks #20, Knicks unprotected 2015 and Raptors 2016pick

Thoughts: On the surface it might come across as pretty boring, but with Amir Johnson we get an supremely perfect counterpart to Pek in the post, and with Derozan we accomplish my goal of getting a volume-scorer.

as a result of this trade we will also have draft picks in every draft for the next three years. So

a) good young players on reasonable contracts

b) an extra draft pick for the next three years

c) John Salmons helps us clear some contracts

For Toronto, why the hell not? You've got a guy in Kyle Lowry who is as sneaky of a top-25 player as there is in the NBA, you have a center in Jonas Valanciunas that seems primed for a breakout season and you'd still have Terrence Ross that seems like a very Kevin Love-friendly wingman. If something weird happens to the Heat, the East is wide open...I can't see too many teams contending with the Raptors next year. I'd bet they are an ECF team with a bullet.

Trade 3: The Best of Both Worlds

Wolves: Al Horford, Gerald Wallace, Brandon Bass, #6, #17, a future Nets pick

Hawks: Nikola Pekovic, #13, a future Nets pick

Celtics: Kevin Love and Corey Brewer

Thoughts: This seems like an obvious winner to me and further showcases why Flip should really be trying to get multiple teams involved. Al Horford is available. He might not be being shopped, but there is enough smoke to suggest he is attainable and the fact the Hawks made the playoffs without him gives validity to that to them maybe looking to get an asset for him. Hawks get two draft picks for the down grade from Horford to Pek.


#6: Aaron Gordon

#17: Patyon/Stauskas/Anderson/possibly trade it as well.

Trade 4: The Too Much Work for Flip to Consider Trade

Bulls: Kevin Love, Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer

Bobcats: Taj Gibson, #15

Wolves: Mirotic, Butler, 9, 19, Bobcats rights to Portland future pick and a future pick from the Bulls

While I do agree that Gibson is both good and underrated, he doesn't present an interesting dilemma for the Wolves if we make a deal involving him. Wouldn't he put us in "all-in" territory without a true star? I'm certainly all for making the playoffs and what not, but I think he could have some value as an asset to another team to get us another piece.

Charlotte could really benefit from pairing Gibson and Jefferson together. Out of this deal they still get a first round pick with 15 and get a guy ready to produce and keep them in the playoff picture in the lEast.

One thing I haven't understood about the Chicago deals is Boozer represents a chance to get out of some contracts. His albatross seems like it would be an asset at this point. Why not shove Martin (who'd help Chicago) and Brewer in there as well?

My draft hopefuls, I think you'd like to see Smart fall to #9 but if he doesn't I think I'd want it to look like this: At #9 and #13 I think you should be able to get 2 of Stauskas/Harris/Payton/Anderson, I'd like to wind up with two of those between those two picks. With Butler in the mix, I think I would like to end up with at least 1 of Stauskas and Harris to get some offense in our back court (plus I think Butler could play the 3 if Stuaskas or Harris developed into a starting-caliber two guard). Then with 19 I think I'd go Capela or Saric, hopefully Saric but either would be a good choice.

Trade 5: A trade between three of the least smart franchises in the NBA. What's the worst that could happen?

Kings: David Lee, Harrison Barnes, Kevin Martin

Warriors: Kevin Love and Brewer or Budinger

Wolves: Klay Thompson, #8, Rudy Gay, Jason Terry, future picks from Warriors.

I doubled-down on Warriors trades just cause I think something involving Klay has the best chance of getting done. I'd prefer the Warriors to find a 3rd team to get an asset out of. I know, I know, Rudy Gay? Well he is a massive 17 million dollar expiring next year and can soak up SF minutes better than any other candidate.

I'd personally be pretty happy if we got Thompson and 8. I don't think Gordon will be there, but I think there is a reasonable chance Gordon or Smart is there at 8. Also, you still have pick 13, so moving up isn't out of the question either.

I'm assuming pick #8 is available because of the Bill Simmons school of guessing says it is...That's the only thing I have to go on.

There ya go, what was your favorite? What was your least favorite? or What was the least-worst of all these deals?

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