When A Draft Becomes A Mockery- A Hoopus Family Dirge

This started as a musical thread dedicated to all the phenomenal happenings related to KeyLimekai's Mock Draft and now there's a 50/50 chance that it may have turned somewhat differently. I'll address that change presently, but let's start with music dedicated to the premise of drafts and trades. This song seems like a natural place to start things off since the title might well be appropriate to some of the transactions that have emanated from 600 1st Avenue North:

There have been some convoluted and laborious transactions in that mock draft thread, and Mad Dan seems intent on earning his avatar by being involved in some of the most impressive ones. I suppose when you are the GM of the only Canadian NBA franchise, you do have to try harder! I've been impressed with the freewheeling style of many of the mock GMs, but I imagine that when your livelihood isn't dependent on the outcome of your trades you might push the envelope a bit. JoVal and others might appreciate the title of this song as they pack for new locations:

This next song is one whose title must seem awfully familiar to any long suffering TWolves fan, has Tanguy started receiving his pension checks yet? Will Houston, Chicago,and Miami ever be able to recover the hoards of currency they expended to square the Rhombus? Is the 13th pick in this years draft rightfully ours because there is nothing remotely close to worrisome about that number for a franchise who has made number 2 and 4 picks that define the word "wretched"? We decidedly have what the title of this song describes:

For an alternate take on this theme, Count Basie does a nice version of Draftin' Blues:

There are some of us who are all too familiar with the draft that these songs refer to, of course. Say hello, anyone who was born in the early 1950s! I was lucky enough to not have received a low number in the draft that this video refers to, but had I known that the odds were stacked against me due to a shuffling error, I'd have been considerably more nervous.

Perhaps Flip, and Kahn before him, could have used some advice from Diamond Joe: he certainly seems to understand the importance of making the right pick. Do you suppose he is able to process information and use something beyond an "eye test" in making his choices? If so, he needs to be employed at the Target Center!

So, today's news....

It's somewhat tempting to go all Marshall Mathers on the steaming pile of news out of the FO; you know what? Flip it! Here we go with the depression/adddiction purgative!

As I work my way out of near catatonia at the parody of actual basketball that I've invested considerable time and energy in, it feels somewhat comforting to know that this cruise ship of fatalists won't look beyond the reality and excuse the dysfunction that we all see. Trying to feel good is admirable if you can base it on a change you can control or at least understand, is there anyone who can assign those traits to what is going on right now? I love basketball, but I'm growing to hate what is being sold to us as Timberwolves basketball. I'm not convinced that the Cubs have anything over our plagued fanbase beyond longevity. Maybe Mr. Knopfler can help me now:

Whither goest thou, Kevin Love? Hopefully to a franchise where there is some good chance of success, you've earned it after toiling for the Taylor! You'll be missed. You and we deserved better than this. Soon this Merle Haggard song will be all too appropriate for many of us:

So there we have it, my musical post of dubious value for doubtful circumstances. Take it where you will, Hoopers. And to quote that famous Canadian philosopher, Red Green, "remember, we're all in this together".

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