Blockbuster Trade - Sixers/Cavs/T'Wolves/Knicks

Sixers get:
Cavs #1 Pick
Cavs #33 Pick

Tim Hardaway Jr.

A. Varajeo

A. Shved

D. Cunningham

Cavs Get:
Carmelo Anthony
Kevin Love

NY Knicks Get:
Kyrie Irving
Pick 47 (from Sixers)

Pick 40 (From T’Wolves)
M. Dellavedova
R. Hummel

T'Wolves Get:
Luol Deng
T. Young
Pick #32 (from Sixers)
S. Karasev
A. Moultrie

Benefits all teams involved....

76ers receives the #1 pick (Embiid) to reunite with their #3 pick, Wiggins. How cool is that?? For taking on Varejeo's contract, and to make the numbers work they get D. Cunningham (Villanova). For the Sixers trouble's they get pick #33, as well as 3 point ace Tim Hardaway Jr. to stretch the defense. A. Shved was sent over since the Sixers will have a PG shortage with MCW’s departure.

Cav's get an All-star lineup by pairing Kevin Love and Melo. They're no Lebron, but it damn sure is one hell of a consolation prize. They also get rising star Michael Carter-Williams to rack up the assists and rebounds. This team immediately becomes one of the favorites in the east and will surpass the Pacers as a team to compete with the Heat.

NY Knicks finally realize that Melo might not sign that extension, and instead opt to get Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving immediately becomes the face of the franchise. Kyrie is happy since he’s playing in a huge market, and would love to build a career here. With big Phil in town, the sole task is finding another star to pair with Irving. Stars love NY, so it will happen one way or another. Phil holds true to his word and snags one of Philly’s 2nd round pick (as well as the T’Wolves #40 pick for cash considerations)!!! All hail Phil Jackson! Dellavedova and R. Hummel get a fresh start and adore the move.

T’wolves say hell with it!! Love is not resigning – Let’s get some assets, and still try to compete. Better to get something, instead of letting him walk. Enter Thad Young and Luol Deng. They solidify some glaring holes in their lineup. Pekovic/Dieng hold down the center spot, Thad becomes the stretch 4, and Deng bullies the SF slot. Kevin Martin is at 2 guard for the time being, and Rubio tries to make the leap as the skilled PG that his potential says can be possible. T’wolves also end up with the 32nd pick in the draft, which is very valuable in itself. Karasev catches the one way flight to Minnesota, and they welcome him with open arms. Moultrie will probably be on a bench somewhere, but atleast the Sixers will be happy!


PG – (something involving the 10th pick) – Ennis????

SG – Tim Hardaway Jr.

SF – Wiggins

PF – Noel

C – Embiid



SG – Waiters

SF – Anthony Bennett??

PF – Melo

C – Love


PG – Rubio

SG – Martin/Number 13 pick

SF – Deng

PF – Thad Young

C – Pekovic

The knicks will probably end up making some trades so who knows what the hell Phil has up his sleeve with the line-up.

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