More questions than answers in the Wolves' draft

The new Timberwolves regime did not inspire confidence in the draft

Timberwolves Draft: The Day After

OK. It's time to pick up the pieces and see where we stand after a bizarre and confusing draft night.

What Does Shabazz Muhammad Mean?

With CJ McCollum sitting in their laps, the Wolves pass on the Lehigh scoring guard to trade Trey Burke to the Jazz for two later picks.

vjl110's Best 2013 Prospects

vjl110 wraps up his 2013 draft coverage by giving us his top 14 overall and his top players at each position.

vjl110 tells teams who to draft. They won't listen

After all the number crunching, which players make the most sense for each team in the lottery?

The Complete vjl110 2013 Draft Data

vjl110 presents us with his combined efforts in one place below, which allow us to examine 2013 draftees through several different measurable lenses. We'll keep this handy for reference throughout the process. Go nuts folks.

vjl110's 2013 draft player comparisons

Best and worst case scenarios, plus physical comparisons for 2013 draft prospects.


NBA Draft: MDSD Scores and Other Stats

Madison Dan's Standard Deviations for 2013 NBA Draftees.

2013 Draft Preview: The Big Board

The series concludes by bringing everyone together and a quick look at the foreign draft eligibles.


2013 Draft Preview: Centers

Nerlens Noel, Kelly Olynyk and the other centers by the numbers.

2013 Draft Preview: Power Forwards

Cody Zeller, Anthony Bennett and the rest of the power forwards by the numbers.

2013 Draft Preview: Small Forwards

Otto Porter, Reggie Bullock and the other small forwards by the numbers.

Draft Combine Wrap-up

The NBA draft combine just ended. What happened there and what were the Wolves up to?

2013 Draft Preview: Shooting Guards

Shooting Guards: One of the first things that I noticed when I started playing around predicting NBA performance from collegiate performance was that not all skills translate equally. The...

2013 Draft Preview: Point Guards

This is the first installment of my 2013 draft projections. For an explanation of the models involved, I refer you to Monday's post. I recommend you at least scan that article to help interpret...

NBA Draft Projection Model

Outline and past results of two regression-based draft projection models. Player ratings for the 2013 draft class to follow throughout this week.

2013 NBA Draft early entrants

The starting list for guys who can be drafted this year

Draft Links

Where to go for draft info

2013 Pre Tourney Draft Board

It's that time of year again. Time to get super excited about the pick(s) you know they'll trade away.

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