Ricky Rubio Dishing Out Some Autographs (Video)

Original video of Ricky Rubio’s enormous autograph appearance in Minnetonka on Thursday.

Shabazz saying the right things, doing the right things

A nice little piece behind the activity leading up to the game last night. I like that he admits his disappointment with being sent down. And all the more so that he says he wants to use this to build his confidence and ability. The point that seems lost here is that he does not mention what the front office said to him, if at all. What is the communication going on between the players looking to find their spot on the team and in the league with the front office that has brought them to this team? I admit that I do not listen regularly to Adelman's and Flip's comments, so maybe they have said things that would frame things for team members and do a good job at that. On the other hand, it seems DWill never found his spot, and that is either on him or on the team. Were they not talking so he could understand them, or was he not capable of hearing and responding to what they said? My point here is that I do want Shabazz to go through a similar experience with the Twolves. It is bad enough that we draft players that cannot become important parts of the team. It would be worse that this is due to the team not doing what it should to get them to succeed.

Shabust sent to D-league

Minnesota Timberwolves assigning Shabazz Muhammad to D-league

Ed Malloy!

Twitter / NBAOfficial: NBA acknowledges missed foul ...

NBA acknowledges missed foul call late in Mavs-Wolves game last night ... see for details and video

They're playin' basketball

A fun look back at the iconic Kurtis Blow jam. Worth your while.

Giant unicorn that sneezes glitter and pisses lemonade

The perfect gift for the Rubio fan on your shopping list!

Rules of engagement


I saw this at Immoral Minority, and just had to share. I think the best part of this list is the way in which they spell it out, then give you the rhetorical label that goes with that debating strategy. And yes, I'm as guilty as anyone of some of these crimes, usually when I'm not taking the topic seriously enough. (But I take politics very seriously and strenuously object to these tactics being in wide use on the national scene.) Not posted for purposes of finger pointing. Just hoping these help elevate the quality of debate here. (Assuming anyone sees this way down here in the fanshots.)

Derrick Williams Face


looking good on the kings

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