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Johnny Flynn Summer League Highlights Video!!!!!!

Jonny Flynn highlight video from Summer League.

Wolves vs. Bulls Recap: Another One in the Books

They didn't close out Summer League with a win, but today's finale definitely had some positives. Jonny Flynn has been absolutely fearless this weekend. Sometimes that means an errant pass or a...

Summer League Game #5 Open Thread

To close out Vegas the Summer Wolves will be taking on Chicago. James Johnson has had a good week running a lot of point forward for the Bulls, he'll be fun to watch. It's time for Corey...


Breaking News: The NBA is a lot faster

Is anyone else tired of hearing "journalists" ask the '09 rooks how the NBA is different from college? (?) Don't we know the rote answer by now? -- "The NBA is a lot faster." Yes. Tis. Thank you....

Wolves vs. Hornets Recap: So Close, Yet Still So Far Away

The Jonny Flynn-led Summer Wolves were up by 7 on the Hornets at halftime. They were tied at 77 when the 4th quarter began. And when the final buzzer sounded, they were down by 2 with 10 seconds to...

Kahn: Coaching Search Down to "Three or Four," and Spain-bound

Kahn says Wolves coaching search is down to three or four candidates.

Summer League Game #4 Open Thread

Second to last game. Things I'd like to see:   Jonny Flynn drive left Oleksiy Pecherov pass Ben Woodside play I'm not holding my breath.

Wolves vs. Wizards Recap: They Are Who We Thought They Were

If you really want to watch it again, Denny Green's most famous moment can be found here. First off, apologies for the delay. I'm having some problems with the old laptop (emphasis on old). But I...


Who would YOU trade for?

So with all the talk lately it is looking more and more likely that Rubio will be coming this season. IF that is the case, and IF Kahn really is looking at trading Flynn, which is probably...

Checking In From Sin City

Well, it's hot. I suppose that meets expectations, considering it's the desert and all. Not that I'm complaining, but this Midwestern boy will take 4 seasons over constantly dry and 90 any year of...

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