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David Kahn, "Survivor" castaway?


Does anybody watch "Survivor?" Does anyone else think one contestant bears a striking similarity to our very own POBO? His bio is at the link. They call him Cochran on the show. Woody Allen is the easy comparison, but he's a dead ringer for a young KAAAAAAAHHHHHHHNNNNN. He sounds like him. Same ethnic group. In Harvard Law, but not the guy you want handling your murder trial. Despite his apparent enthusiasm for the game, he doesn't appear to understand it. He even says, "I have a strong sense of humor that can defuse tense situations." Nope, hasn't been effective to this point. Yet while others are jettisoned, he's still there on the island. And 600 First Avenue is kind of an island.

GM Ratings- Kahn at 30


30. David Kahn, Minnesota Timberwolves (last year: 26) STYLE: Mover and shaker. THE GOOD: He actually got Ricky Rubio to come over. THE BAD: There will be many more words in this feature, so I'll just save you the time. BOTTOM LINE: Not ranking Kahn last in last year's edition was far too kind. (A mover and shaker refers to someone who is always active around the draft and trade deadline and isn't afraid to use every roster avenue possible to improve his team.) *My apologies if someone has already posted this and I missed it.

from David Aldridge: The Morning Tip


Regarding recent rumors about Love and effing Kelvin Sampson... From article: 3) Don't doubt that someone may have told CBSSports.com that Kurt Rambis is in trouble in Minnesota. But if that's so, that stinks. For two years, the Wolves have done nothing but turn over their roster, bringing in younger and younger players, and asking Rambis and his staff to teach and live with all those Ls on their ledger. You don't win with young in this league; you win with talented veterans, and other than Kevin Love, the Wolves barely have enough talent to compete on a nightly basis. (Michael Beasley can score, no doubt, but his defense, like Love's, is, uh, a work in progress.) Lottery picks Jonny Flynn and Wes Johnson have been slowed by injuries, and the big man combo of Darko Milicic and Nikola Pekovic has been decidedly meh. "This team plays hard," Rambis said last week, "and they have moments where they play extremely well together at both ends of the floor. But they haven't connected it for 48 minutes. They allow teams to get on runs. Clearly we lack the composure and experience and savvy, and maybe in some extent, personnel, to finish out games when things are tight. You know, that veteran, calming influence." A team source insisted this weekend that it would take a major collapse down the stretch for management to even consider replacing Rambis, who got a four-year contract with the Wolves for that very reason -- to take a lot of losses while developing the team's young talent, including still-in-Europe Ricky Rubio. (The Wolves can buy out Rubio's contract in Spain next season for $500,000, with Rubio paying the remainder, and Minnesota still expects Rubio will come over next year, regardless of whether there's a lockout.) The Wolves have already won more games this season than last, with a month left in the season. Love, who clashed with Rambis last season, has seen that playing on a really bad team won't keep him from individual accolades like making the U.S. World Championship team last year and the All-Star team this year -- and as such, the source claims, Love isn't going anywhere when and if he becomes a free agent.

The Dumbest David Kahn Quote Ever (so far)


From Jason Quick's twitter, before last night's game: "Wolves GM David Kahn says pregame that he thinks PG Flynn will be an All-Star one day" Either Kahn is a complete idiot, or he thinks everyone around him is a complete idiot. Neither scenario bodes well for his skills as a GM.

Beastley sticks up for Khan


It doesn't sound like Beastley harbors any ill will. I'm impressed by his attitude.

Reusse and Mackey interview David Kahn


It's on hour 2 of the April 13th episode. Pat Reusse begins by saying that the Wolves are the "worst defensive team" he has seen in any sport...which is funny considering this is the worst offensive team in franchise history.

Kahn won't trade Al Jefferson, unless....


..."someone calls up with a deal that’s so preposterously one-sided, we'd have to do it." - David Kahn

I had lunch with Mr. Kahn today....


An interesting thread posted by scooter13 at Rubechat about the season ticket-holder lunch held yesterday. A couple of highlights: - Richardson's chances of wearing a Wolves jersey: 50/50 - Atkins's chances of the same: 99/1 (99 being 'no') - Cardinal will stay for leadership - Expect another trade in the next few weeks - Carney's up in the air - Pekovic will likely be here after 2010 - Traded #18 because next year's draft is better - Identified lack of an 'explosive scorer' as a remaining need - Continues to maintain he'll be fine with Rubio staying abroad for 2 years - Brewer and Gomes have to 'really show [Kahn] something' this year as he couldn't get a feel for their roles. (other thread)

David Kahn on the Dan Patrick Show


Listen to the Wolves PBO talk to Dan Patrick about Ricky Rubio.

True Hoop interviews David Kahn


Henry Abbott has a short give-and-take over at Four Letter. It's not the best interview as it starts off with one of the ridiculous narratives we talked about in our Rubio on Record post. Abbot asks Kahn a bunch of questions with things like "other GMs tell me" and various hypotheticals. Kahn is short and somewhat dismissive in his replies. Let me predict how an interview like this will play out amongst the chattering class: It will be cited as an example of Kahn's arrogance; a perfect showing of how he thinks he is smarter than anyone else. I say this is nonsense. Kahn responded appropriately to some pretty ridiculous questions. Leading a question with something along the lines of "your competition tells me you screwed up" is a first-class ticket to short answers. When you read national stories about the Rubio situation (hell, even some local ones have slipped into ready-made narratives), please keep in mind that they are often written from a perspective that is attempting to place the events into a pre-manufactured story line. Go back and read just the questions with that in mind. What did they say? A: No one could fathom Rubio and Flynn playing together. People think that Flynn is the reason why Rubio isn't over here yet. They think the buyout is a red herring and that Rubio doesn't want to play with the Wolves. Now ask yourself this: What did you learn about the situation? What will this interview's "talker" be going forward? Will it be about substance or about the interview itself? We are big fans of TrueHoop but this sort of interview is simply not good. At all. UPDATE: Abbott is spelled with two ts and TrueHoop is one word. Changes have been made in the post.

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