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Great Offseason Performances, pt. xiii

    Ryan Adams is a touchy subject among those of us who consider ourselves modern music snobs.  On one hand, he has an undeniable classic album under his belt (Heartbreaker).  On the...

Great Offseason Performances, pt. xii

"> BBQ is not a verb.  Those are important words to live by.

Great Offseason Performances, pt. xi

The great Soul Survivor, Solomon Burke:   Extra points for those of you who know who wrote this song.  Burke's version was on his outstanding Don't Give Up on Me cd, which you can by here....

Great Offseason Performances, pt. x

Devendra Banhart, At the Hop:  

Great Offseason Performances, pt. ix

Over at Britt's place, he mistakenly called Utah forward Paul Milsap, Ronnie Milsap in a recent post.  For better or worse, this gave me the opportunity to write a bit about one of country music's...

Great Offseason Performances, pt. viii

Chet Atkins, Arkansas Traveler.  This is an oldie but goodie.  You'd probably have to be from the moon not to have heard this tune.  This time around it's done by the great Mr. Atkins at...

Great Offseason Performances, pt. vii

Robbie Fulks, Countrier than Thou.  Robbie is one of my favorite song writers out right now.  This is a little live ditty that has one of the best verses about George Bush yet penned; mostly...

Great Offseason Performances, pt. vi

Here's one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time: Skip James performing Crow Jane.  As you can probably tell by a quick listen, Mr. James isn't your typical bluesman.  From his high pitched wail...

Great Offseason Performances, pt. v: Not Ready to Make Nice Edition

In honor of President Bush's recent remarks against a fellow American on foreign soil (aimed towards a sitting Senator and Presidential candidate, no less), here's the Dixie Chicks performing Not...

Great Offseason Performances, pt. iv

  Tom Waits, In the Cold Cold Ground.  This one is by request.  My wife tells me that I like Tom Waits because I'm trying to hang on to something from my college days.  What that something...

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