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Cavs Topple Wolves. Time for a Checkup.


A status check of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

CBSsports.com's Eye On Basketball NBA Elite 100


Kevin Love comes in at number 8. "It starts with the rebounding, of course. He's either the first- or second-best overall rebounder in the game (depending on how you feel about Dwight Howard), and he's the best offensive rebounder. But the development last season that helped launch Love into MVP contention was his transformed body and improved overall offensive game. Shedding weight and improving his quickness, Love was used all over the court by new coach Rick Adelman, who replaced Kurt Rambis. Encouraged to bomb away from deep, Love attempted more than five 3-pointers a game, knocking down 37.2 percent. Those are astonishing numbers for a 6-foot-10 player best known previously for banging in the paint. But Love didn't go soft here. Instead, he got to the free throw line a career-high 8.4 times per game, good for second in the league behind Howard. The difference: Love knocked down 82.4 percent of his shots compared to Howard's 49.1 percent, making him a late-game weapon from the stripe rather than a Hack-a-Love liability."

Would you trade Kevin Love for James Harden and Serge Ibaka?

It has bee said that keeping both James Harden and Serge Ibaka would be a cash burden for the Oklahoma City Thunder and coincidentally, Kevin Love is getting impatient with the wolves. If OKC decides to trade either/both Harden or/and Ibaka, would you be wiiling to swoop in and offer a package centered around Kevin Love?

Kevin Love losing patience with Timberwolves' losing, wants roster upgraded


I think it's safe to say that Love and the fanbase are on the exact same page. I also think Love did a great job being diplomatic during the interview while still getting his point across.

Kevin Love for MVP?


A worthy discussion here...

GM Survey Results


Some interesting results from the GM Survey this year. Among those of relevance to the Wolves: -Received at least 1 one vote 'most fun to watch' -Best offensive rebounder: 1. Kevin Love, Minnesota -- 64.3% -Best passer: 3. Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -- 11.1% -Which player does the most with the least? 1. Kevin Love, Minnesota -- 26.9% -KLove gets 1 vote for 'best bball IQ' -Which team will be most improved in 2010-11? T3. Minnesota -- 7.4% -4.Who will win the 2011-12 Rookie of the Year? 1. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland -- 63.0% 2. Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -- 18.5% -Which rookie will be the best player in five years? 1. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland -- 51.9% T2. Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -- 11.1% -Which rookie is the most athletic? 1. Derrick Williams, Minnesota -- 32.1% Which international player is most likely to have a breakout season in 2011-12? 1. Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -- 37.0% Which head coach runs the best offense? 1. George Karl, Denver -- 22.2% 2. Rick Adelman, Minnesota -- 18.5% Some cool stuff for us!

Besiktas Gets No Love


Turning down Turkey, just in time for Thanksgiving.....

Kevin Love Gets 48 All-NBA Votes


Love didn't make any of the three All-NBA Teams. But he did receive 48 votes, which would've put him on the All-NBA Fourth Team, if there was one. Other people receiving All-NBA votes? Al Jefferson (3) Kendrick Perkins (3) [he played in 29 total games] Andrea Bargnani (2) Emeka Okafor (1) Eric Gordon (1) Luis Scola (1) Some quality voting right there.

All-Star Kevin Love breaks out as scorer and top rebounder


"When Steve Nash came into the league, it was, 'He's too slow, he'll never be able to keep up with the bigger guards,' " Love says. "So many people focused on what he couldn't do rather than what he could do." A nice feature article from USA Today on Kevin Love.

NBA All-Star Returns


The first returns from NBA All-Star voting. Kevin Love has about 81 thousand votes. He's currently getting fewer votes than Brendan Haywood, Caron Butler and Luis Scola, among others.

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