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Wolfson: Bitter battle over Nic Batum costs the Wolves at least one target


Excellent read. Really clears up the current free agency situation for the Wolves. I hope everything Wolfson is saying is true, and it is a relative certainty that the Wolves end up with Hill and Stiemsma in addition to Roy and Shved. I also hope that Lee is their next top SG/SF target after Batum and that the price is indeed right. In my opinion, Brewer is not a close second because of his lack of offensive prowess. Also - Scola would have been nice and I would say that we missed out, but I don't think we need him.

Kevin Love losing patience with Timberwolves' losing, wants roster upgraded


I think it's safe to say that Love and the fanbase are on the exact same page. I also think Love did a great job being diplomatic during the interview while still getting his point across.

Jamal Crawford to opt out of Blazers deal


As most of us probably expected, Jamal Crawford is opting out of the second year of his contract with the Blazers. Now, most of us would probably agree that Jamal Crawford isn't the answer at SG for the Wolves, but how interested should they be in him as a backup SG/sixth man? The question for me is defense and offensive efficiency. I'm sure most of you have similar concerns. Perhaps at $5 million or so a year, he just isn't worth it.

Y! Sports/DraftExpress 2012 NBA Mock Draft No. 2


Yahoo!/DraftExpress has us taking Terrence Ross at 18. I like that a lot better than taking Royce White, honestly. Though we could certainly use depth at PF and C, we need a wing in the worst way possible, as everyone knows.



Just saw this over on NBA.com. Another great write-up of the Monster from Montenegro. Like that they mention his candidacy for Most Improved Player. GO Pek!

Wolves Live Weekly


Today at noon, John Focke and I will be answering questions on all things Timberwolves. If you'd like, please tune in and send in some questions.

ICYMI, new Wolves podcast @ The Riff


Tony, Ryan and Brandon talk David O. Russell, Facebook pranks, a Papa John’s racism kerfuffle, some random nonsense and a whole lot of Wolves: specifically the last three games, potential trades, how to improve the team, an argument over DWill, free agent prospects and, yeah, more drooling over Rubio. Fun one. Have a listen.

Mark Haugen and Los Locos on NBA TV


Canis Hoopus' own Mark Haugen (aka kevinharlen) gets interviewed on NBA TV about the Los Locos cheering section at the Target Center and takes a parting shot at C-Webb. Well done, sir.

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