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Training Camp Injury Update

Stop-N-Pop will be in Mankato for some of training camp, but other than that we at Hoopus will have to rely on the media for updates.

The only SB Nation NBA blog that I know has regular media access to their team's training camp is Knicks blog Posting and Toasting. Check out Seth's coverage.

  • Calvin Booth from Zgoda

    Center Calvin Booth observed both practices because of back spasms that flared Tuesday morning.
  • Rodney Carney from Zgoda

    Newcomer Rodney Carney demonstrated a couple of explosive dunks (including one on a posterized Brian Cardinal) even though he said his legs still aren’t back to their springy selves after a summertime hamstring injury...
  • Jason Collins from Don Seeholzer

    [I]sn't expected to participate in training camp after rupturing the triceps tendon in his right elbow this month.
  • Al Jefferson from Zgoda

    [R]amped up his activity in today’s morning practice, participating in run-throughs of the team’s offensive and defensive schemes both during the beginning and near the end of a two-hour workout at Bresnan Arena.
  • Craig Smith from Zgoda

    [P]articipated fully in both practice [sic] and declared himself completely recovered from August knee surgery.