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Breaking: Local Idiot Says Something Idiotic

Loyal Canis readers will remember local idiot Chris Baker from the time when he called the WNBA a "place for lesbians to make out when they score.

Well, he's back at it again with Our National Pass Time in Waiting:

On the October 8 broadcast of Minneapolis' The Chris Baker Show, KTLK hosts Chris Baker and Langdon Perry agreed that "Magic faked AIDS," referring to former basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who announced in 1991 that he had tested HIV-positive.

To be fair to the idiot Baker, his comments were spurred on by fellow idiot, Langdon Perry, and a caller who talked about limited IQs.


It will never cease to amaze me that people with such obviously limited abilities are able to address thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people a day, and that thousands, if not tens of thousands, people actually tune in. 

As you can see by the comment about the WNBA, it's not like his stupidity is an isolated incident.  On October 6th, he called Barack Obama a "little bitch" who "won't even stand up from a smoking-hot chick from Alaska."  Here he is wishing that Governor Palin had flashed a little cleavage during the VP debate.

Why would someone say these sorts of things?  Here's my best guess: He can't swear on the radio and he doesn't appear to be clever enough to come up with any  way to garner attention other than this sort of lazy obscenity.  Stupid with a hankering for obscenity starts you out at 0-2 before you even take the bat off your shoulder.  Sadly, this character trait seems to be a qualification for this sort of talk radio.  I view his continued employment as a strike against civic pride.  Come to the Twin Cities--a place where the village idiot gets his very own radio show.