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Bring on the Nugs- GameThread for Oct 10, 2008 8:00 PM CDT


There will be no random swiping defense tonight!

Will the Wolves be able to play some full-court D against the up-tempo Nuggets? Will they continue to attack the lane and get to the line? Will Shaddy once again be the leading scorer? Will we see over 20 3PA in the game? Will Bassy and Foye see time together in the backcourt? Can we finally get a glimpse of the Bassy, Foye, Miller, Love, Jefferson lineup? Since this is the 1st game to be broadcast on KFAN, will former Bloomington Jefferson Jaguar Kevin Lynch step up to the plate or will he fail like former Bloomington Jefferson Jaguar Lane Kiffin? Isn't it true that eventually all Bloomington Jefferson Jaguars fail?

All these questions and more...tonight in Denver at 8 CST. You can listen to the game by clicking here.

You can read about the Nuggets on our fellow SB Nation blog, Pickaxe and Roll.

You can find a tasty beverage to drink during the game by clicking here.

Over/Under for the night: Wolves FTAs (26)