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Hoffa Gone, Snyder Hopping the Pond?

Well, that was quick. Rafael Araujo has been cut (Zgoda has the story), an unsurprising move considering the roster size and signing of David Harrison.

In just over 5 minutes of preseason action, Araujo notched 1 point and 2 rebounds. Not exactly a loss to lament.

In other transaction news, the Reno Gazette-Journal has this bit about Kirk Snyder:

And while Snyder isn't in camp, [agent Chris] Emens said his client is considering three offers from international teams -- one in Europe and two in Asia -- and is in conversation with one NBA team, which he declined to name. Emens said he expects Snyder to make a decision sometime next week on where he will play this season.

Seeholzer had this story on his PiPress blog yesterday, but didn't link to the RGJ.

As for Snyder, he played very hard for the Wolves last year and was a positive contributor, but his minutes would've been slim at the 2/3 with Miller, McCants, Brewer, Carney and such getting burn.