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GameThread -5: Preseason @ Bulls

From Peter W, not me:

First Priority:

I'll make the obvious guess that the Wolves first goal would be not to get anyone else hurt. According to the Strib's Jerry Zgoda, Mike Miller injured his ankle at Monday's practice. The X-rays were negative, thankfully, but the injury bug is starting to spread from the front court to the back court, with Shaddy being nicked up as well.

Second Priority:

Transition Defense. News Flash: Big Al and K-Love need to get in better shape!!! Whether you're a supporter or detractor of the rookie, any rational observer would say Love's weight was going to be an issue from day one. The reality is that the Wolves have rarely been good transition or perimeter defenders. Not to contradict my colleague S-N-P, but if free throw shooting is the top weakness of this team, defense is 1a.

Third Priority:

Have someone else other than Blake Ahearn lead the team in scoring. I know it's preseason, and it really doesn't matter, but the idea that someone D-League or Europe bound be your top scorer the second game in a row would probably mean another blow out loss. The Thin Man--Corey Brewer--seems to have it going a little; why not feature him if the score is lopsided. He could use the work.

Fourth Priority:

Find legitimate bright spots. Listening to the OKC game last week, I was struck by how quickly the Thunder's new broadcast team was able to hype the product to their new audience. Yeah, that's easy for the Okies to do right now, but for the Wolves, this season should be different. Despite all the past negativity, fans want this new mix to work. So, even though it's pre-season, being able to legitimately build buzz wouldn't hurt. Whether it's Brewer hitting more shots, Love running the floor, or the return of "Fourth Quarter Foye", by the start of the real games the club should be able to state some improvement(s) they've made already since last year, and back it up with facts, not hype. We all want to believe.

Game info:
Tonight, 7:30
at Bulls
Radio: KFAN - 1130