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GameThread -3: Preseason vs Denver (Bismarck)



Woops, sorry everyone. I missed posting this before the game, but I wanted to share a couple box score notes and let anyone who wanted to provide their perspective do so.

See the Yahoo recap (complete with poor grammar in the headline) here and the box score here.

  1. Whoa, Randy Foye! 15 dimes, 8 for 8 from the line. I've been questioning his point guard abilities as much as anyone and we anyone who watched just one game last season probably saw that getting to the line was tough for Minnesota. This game was an example of precisely what the Wolves need from Foye. As much as I like Telfair's improvement, having Foye's playmaking develop to where he can get 6 or 7 assists per game would be much more welcome.
  2. Corey Brewer came into the game shooting 50% for the preseason (22-44) but put up a 2 for 9 stinker. As long as Corey is shooting above 40%, I'm willing to let the occassional brick-fest slide. From all accounts, Corey's been working his ass off all summer with shooting drills.
  3. The Kevin Ollie/Blake Ahearn showdown continues, but neither of the potential 3rd point guards played many minutes tonight (12 and change between the two of them). But, it appears that both guys made critical plays down the stretch. Ahearn hit a 3 with 33 seconds left and Ollie knocked down 4 free throws with 13 seconds to go.
  4. Nobody played more than 30 minutes for the Wolves; this was a night of the balanced attack. We're not going to shoot 52.6% from the field every night, but if a couple shooters can get hot while Big Al does his thing the offense will be just fine.